After nearly 3 years of dreaming, a year of planning and a short hop across the continent I finally arrived in my true homeland- Germany! As soon as we landed all nerves and worries I had had for the last few weeks were replaced by pure relief, I had made it, I was here and I was going to make the most of it.

After our previous visit, me and my mum (Laura) were especially surprised by the quality of men all around the city. In short they were tall, blond and even the most normal looking guy was model standard. However our flight into Munich proved bitterly disappointing with only one passenger stirring some giggles from the flight attendants.

Once in the terminal we grabbed my suitcase (about the same height and weight as me) and made our way down into the underground to catch a train into the city. I was particularly excited to get back on the underground as it is such a fun and fast way to get around the city. My mum, however, was not so enthused. On our last trip to Munich she was hesitant getting onto the underground train and ended up getting trapped in the closing doors much to my amusement. Our fellow passengers stared blankly as she desperately yanked her Cath Kidston purse safely into the carriage. We were much luckier this time and both made it onto the train with purses and suitcases intact.

As we emerged from the underground that was the moment I truly felt we had arrived in Munich. We could see cafes, restaurants and bakeries filled with people and the streets buzzing with cars, scooters and bikes. It had an incredibly European feel to it and I just wanted to dive in and explore straight away. But I would have to wait for the morning to start discovering my favourite city.




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