Olympic medal in Jungen

Day 2 of my German language course and I never want to leave. Now the weather has improved the city is gorgeous and even during the day every green space or bench is filled with people lounging in the sun, eating a pretzel (or each others faces)… lazy Europeans.

Yesterday I officially moved into my apartment provided by the uni and it is by far the quirkiest most interesting place I’ve ever stayed. I am staying at the old Olympic village from the 1972 Munich Olympics but they have been torn down and replaced by student housing called ‘bungalows’.

As you can see they are positioned in rows and then in blocks which span from A-Z. Inside they are like a tiny IKEA showroom with a basic kitchen and bathroom downstairs and a bed and desk upstairs. Doesn’t sound amazing but they honestly are so cute. What makes them so unique and quirky is the murals painted on most apartments, for example I have cats and dogs but just across from me is a perfect painting of the marauders map!

And now for the moment you all (James) have been waiting for…. boy update! After the driest flight ever the situation has vastly improved. As I made my way to the first day of the language course I was already feeling lightheaded from the specimens on the U-bahn (ultimate pick-up spot) but literally the first person I spoke to was a Norwegian ray of sunshine. The day progressed and we found our class group which is made up of me, an Italian girl, a Finnish girl, a tall blonde Swedish guy (previously mentioned in tweets) and the rest were all Chinese. So it was slim pickings.

Side note for Laura Holsey: Gabriel the swedish guy looks kinda like season 1/2 Dean from Gilmore Girls but blonde.

I’m cutting this blog post short as I should have posted it last night but I was with Gabriel most of the night ln so I’ll pot another one straight after this one now!


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