First Munich night out!

I am now on my 3rd day of the German language course and I’m thinking half in English half in German?! Its a weird feeling but I only speak German for like 4 hours a day so switching back to English is difficult.

I am loving the language classes so far but they are definitely not as entertaining as Frau Howarth’s lessons with Shuler coming in 20 minutes late and me and Rachel gossiping in ‘Ginglish’. I think that after a month I’ll be really confident in German especially with living here and being forced to speak it all the time to survive.

Yesterday after class I went to the Olympic shopping centre with Gabriel from my class to get some kitchen stuff (I’ve still not cooked anything). It is all open now but there are massive areas of flowers, candles and notes left for the people who were killed in the shooting just a few weeks ago. It was strange to be there but I still feel safe in the city and I have no worries about getting around or being in danger.

(writing this saturday cos idk)

So kind of a double post this time as I went out for the first time last night and omg was it an experience. A group of about 20 from the language course met at an apartment in the Olympische dorf where I live for prinks then we were gonna go out to a bar. Just prinks were such a fun experience as everyone was different nationalities so conversations were a mix of all languages with pauses for translation and for people to make me say stereotypical phrases in a ‘posh’ British accent. So we set off for the club on the u bahn swigging from beer and wine bottles openly which I find strange but so funny.

So we got into the club at 12 but it was already packed and I mean proper fighting through the crowd packed. The club experience was much the same as in England apart from the influx of aryan gods who had obviously not seen a tiny English girl dance like I do. The music was a weird mix of normal club stuff and European club tunes which i lived for. When I made it to the bar I was craving 2 or 3 sours shots but a Mexican guy from the language course reintroduced me to my worst enemy…tequila. I managed one then someone else bought me a stein of beer which I discovered made my dancing style very difficult to keep up. Overall a really great night with some interesting people but I still miss fax thursday more than I miss my family.


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