Heimweh und Träume

So day 10 in Munich and I’m feeling homesick. Mostly I’m craving a fax Thursday and £1 drinks after paying 6 Euros for a vodka coke last night. Of course I’m missing being at home as well, especially having food and drinks provided at any time. I was feeling so sad about the sorry state of my stock here that I facetimed Trin just to look at the Morrisons order in the fridge. Sad I know! Fortunately my family don’t miss me much at all as Trin is slowly becoming me. She has claimed all the clothes I left at home and she’s set up her hair and makeup station in my room so I guess I’ll have to ask her if I could loan my life back when I return home.

Anyway, I talk about being homesick and I am excited to be home and to see everyone but on the other hand I’ve never been so happy. A particularly emotional drunken snapchat convo with Ely got me thinking that I am so lucky to be living my dream every single day. I remember first researching Munich and kinda stumbling upon the different uni options around year 11, so nearly 3 years ago.  And now here I am, living here, talking to wild (native) Germans everyday. To think that after just a week I am crazy happy here makes spending my life here seem so easy. I can feel myself getting lost in this world and fitting in with people here. I had a full conversation with a woman on the train today without even thinking about it so after a month I reckon I’ll have a Dirndl on and a beer in my hand constantly! Okay… emotional talk over!

Last night (tuesday) I went to a birthday party of a guy on the course who has become the unofficial leader of the group. He’s already spent a month here so he knows the best bars and clubs so we all kinda follow him around. It was his 26th birthday so when I told him I was only just 18 he looked slightly scared and probably had flashbacks of dancing with me the previous Saturday and buying me many shots! Everyone I meet on the course are so surprised when I tell them how old I am and weirdly they think I’m around 20 even though I’m pretty sure I could pass for 12 if I tried hard enough. They all say that it’s good that I’m doing this now so I can decide what I want to do before I commit to a uni or whatever. Most of them are in their second or third year and having a year out. I guess my whole time at uni will feel like a year out if I go here.

We started the party at 8 so we didn’t stay too late and so we could survive class the next day. So on my way there I bought a beer (500ml for 90 cents?!?!!?) and drank it on the train which is still completely novel to me and I did get some funny looks. Probably people thinking why is that child drinking on a train on a Tuesday night dressed to go clubbing?! Socialising at the party started off with most people speaking English but for most people English is their second or third language so by the end of the night conversations were in a mix of German and English which is quite amusing after a few beers, glasses of wine and 2 tequila shots.

Side note: Trin requested a mention in my blog and even though she’s already had 2 this is her official shoutout. You can have any of my clothes but stay away from that glitter jumpsuit!!


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