Erste Bierhalle Erfahrung

Keeping up with the tradition of a German title for these blogs but I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory. So I went to a beer garden and hall for the first time last night and it was amazing.

We started off in the beer garden which is a massive outdoor area with long tables and I think it seats up to 5000 people. This was a Thursday night but it was packed. To pick up empty beer glasses and plates they have a guy going round on a quad bike towing a trailer that carries the empty stuff but the driver didn’t seem to realise people were trying to walk around the garden and nearly mowed everyone and anyone over. Luckily I escaped him and made it to the outdoor bar. I say bar but really it was a few guys in a shed filling massive glasses from a barrel. So very authentic! I picked up my stein and immediately decided that I can never work as a waitress in Oktoberfest. I could barely hold one glass with one hand and I had to drink it with both hands even when it was nearly empty.

Beer Stein (which I totally didn’t steal)

I soon found that its very easy to drink a litre of beer quickly when everyone insists on toasting and saying cheers every few minutes and in multiple languages. So a few hours later and one litre of beer down I had made some new friends on my table… and reached the stage where I get very deep and chatty. Someone made the fatal mistake of asking me what clubbing is like where I live which launched me into many stories which I am sure some of my friends are still reeling from.

Eventually it got a bit colder so we moved inside and took over a whole row inside the beer hall. The hall itself was gorgeous with long wooden tables and the ceiling painted with murals. I got sat next to 2 English guys, one of which was a Derby fan so I swindled a free beer out of him by telling him my dad was also a fan and throwing in a ‘Up the Rams!’ to seal the deal. This is the point in the night when my activities became slightly criminal. So far on my trip I haven’t really bought any souvenirs so what an opportunity I had. When the stern, very German looking waitress left our table I grabbed my (not so empty) stein and shoved it in my bag along with a few beer mats. I was very proud of this heist until we went to leave and I realised I had to carry a massive heavy stein home on my back!

This morning was not so fun. When I went to get my stuff together I found my bag slightly damp, stinking of beer, with a glass sticking out of it. I met a few girls from my course on the u bahn and we exchanged the same dead eye stares and plodded to the cafe near the uni. Ferdinand turned up with a doner kebab (which I nearly ripped from his hands in hungover desperation) and told us he had to specially ask the kebab guy to open up for him which is slightly sad but also honourable.

I made it through class, a trip to the shopping centre to buy a new non beer soaked bag and tidied up my apartment so a successful hangover day, all in all.

Special shoutout to Ted, Trin and Mother who are sunning it up in Majorca but still managing to read my blog and lowkey demand a mention! After living without them for nearly 2 weeks I now appreciate how privileged I was to have 2 small versions of myself to make me food and fetch my stuff! Also shoutout to Apollo (who I’m sure is an avid reader of this blog) because I’m missing him like crazy -I had to stop 3 times today in the shopping centre just to pet a dog.


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