Sonnig in Salzburg

Literally just had to read my last bog post to figure out what I’d talked about and just saying I’m a top blogger. I’m like a ginger, German Zoella with looser morals. Anyway enough with my self-love, back to the blog.

Saturday was a packed day to say the least. We met at the university courtyard at 8:30 to board the coaches to Salzburg and it should have taken 2 hours to get there but with traffic and the coach driver apparently wanting to show us every inch of Munich’s country roads it took just over 3 hours. We were released into the city and told to catch a train home anytime. Me and 4 other girls, from Olympiadorf, split off from the group to explore the city together. We got a pass that got us into every single tourist attraction and free public transport around the city so we were set for the day.

We first walked round the Residenz which is where the rulers of Salzburg lived until like 1900. It was the usual palace game with grand rooms for entertaining guests and many a haughty portrait hanging on the walls. It was very impressive especially the massive ceiling Frescos which usually depicted Alexander the Great (Austrian rulers were apparently obsessed with him) surrounded by subjects and gods and the like. Annexed on the Residenz was a few galleries and museums for the cathedral which we kind of rushed round as none of us are really into fancy art. I’m always confused as to why everyone is painted or sculpted with everything hanging out. Like no statue is ever very impressive, put your grower away Greek statue.

By this time it was scorching in the city so we headed up to the fortress and spent a few hours admiring the breath-taking panorama and touring the castle. I tried to make a joke about 50 shades while in the torture room but my Ukrainian friend didn’t really get it and it ended in me hurriedly explaining the plot of 50 shades in a 6000 year old fortress next to a load of Chinese tourists… not the cultural enlightenment I had hoped for.

Back in the city we stopped for lunch and to watch some people dressed in traditional Austrian clothes (lederhosen and dirndls) dance in the square. It was all very European. Next we moved on to Mozart’s houses. First visiting his birthplace then his other house because you can never have enough museums about a mental musician who overshadowed his sister and was only like 5 foot tall. I think I may have had a Mozart overload…

By this time it was around 7:30 so we headed to a beer garden and found one which advertised that they had 2 pokestops with lures on all day! Ate a schnitzel about the size of my face and literally rolled back to the train station. We all slept most of the way home but the group chat was on fire with everyone back in Munich arranging to go out that night. It was already 11 when we got back to the Olympic village so  I forced myself to go home and to bed. The cravings for the sesh continue but after realising today that I had 20 Euros left in my German account I decided against it and messaged my lord and saviour Mother to top it up.

Don’t think I got any mention requests this time but shoutout to witch and rachel for having their bday party at just the right time so I can come. It’s gonna be amazing to see everyone again even if I’m only back for like 2 weeks and hudds weds is gonna be on fireeee!


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