I need a night out!!

So this week has been emotional to say the least. A trip to Dachau concentration camp and then a visit to my au pair family on Wednesday then results day today. It’s been a week of growing and thinking about the future more as well. I’ve confirmed 2 au pair jobs so my next year is planned but with my results I’m going to have to think carefully about where to go next.

Firstly a bit about Dachau. Because I’m in a higher level group on my language course I had to do the Dachau tour in German which was a bit of a challenge but I understood most of it and got on fine. We started by watching a film about the camp and how it was run and later liberated. It was quite difficult to watch and the figures of how many people came into the camp and how many died there were horrific. Then we walked round the camp with a tour guide. It was a working camp so no official executions happened there but still around 30,000 people died there. The worst part was the crematorium and the gas chamber which apparently was never used. The scale of the place was breathtaking, acres of barracks and buildings where thousands of people were kept for years on end. Even so it was a good experience and I think its so important that every visits a camp sometime in their lives because it was such a big part of history and it only happened like 80 years ago. I was so emotionally exhausted and on the journey home everyone was quite quiet.

However as soon as we arrived back at the uni I had to run off to the Hauptbahnhof to catch a train to see my au pair family. I am due to start working for them in January but this is the first time I’ve ever met them. They live near to Starnberg lake which I visited on Sunday which is quite a rich area and just the right distance from the city. So as soon as I stepped off the train I spotted Stef (the mum) and Mimi (the kid) who were both v German looking with blonde hair and a generally German look about them. They both hugged me which I found slightly odd since I’ve only ever spoken to Stef over email. Their house was quite big and so gorgeous inside. Apparently the cleaning lady was on holiday so it was a bit messy but I’ll look forward to having a cleaning lady! We visited Mimi’s grandparents who are a classic old German couple living in the most 70s house ever. Wood cladding everywhere! The rule is that I speak English to Mimi but I must speak German to the grandparents so I can practise. I’ll defo be round a lot because they have a massive swimming pool in their garden and they remind me so much of my grandparents! Then we joined Matthias (the dad) in a nearby beer garden. Stef said she’d pay for my food and drink so I made the most of it and got a big stein of Radler (basically shandy) and a massive plate of bratwurst and chips.

I’m fully living the student life now, spending 70% of my money on beer and the other 30% on food (literally always pork here). I was talking to an English guy on my course and I told him that the supermarket near us in the Olympic village sells Heinz baked beans. It was like he’d won the lottery. He got so excited and said he was gonna go as soon as he got back and have beans on toast for tea. I don’t blame him tbh, I’m missing English food so much! My mum sent a pic of her full English yesterday and the cravings were unreal. Thank god doner kebab shops are really popular here so I can get that whenever I feel homesick.

Finally… results. I started calling school from 7am English time this morning and after 12 attempts they still weren’t answering. Apparently; unlike the students; the receptionists of Crossley Heath aren’t the cream of Calderdale. In the end I had to call Natalie (my saviour and queen of Physics) and she passed me onto Shorrocks who read my results out. Needless to say I kept Natalie on the phone for a while listening to my blubbering as my results weren’t what I expected. Anyway after a pep talk from Nat and then another from my mum I was feeling less disappointed  and a bit more optimistic. Even so that was the first time on this trip I’ve wanted to come home straight away. I felt so alone in a completely different country away from everyone I know and love. I just needed someone I knew there just to be there. Phone calls and Skype help but it’s still hard. When my friends came out of class I got a few hugs and Miguel immediately insisted we go on a mad night out tonight and ‘dance it off’. Got the squad coming over for prinks tonight then we’re going to a group of clubs called Kultfabrik which sounds cray.

Hope everyone did well with results and got into their dream uni. But if not you are always welcome here in Munich, as long as you like beer, meat and gorg men!

Shoutout this time goes to Ed because whenever I put a blog post up he always says its ‘horrific but amazing’ so now I have to proofread each blog to make sure its not too ‘horrific’ for Ed!


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