Königin der Tanzfläche

Results night was about 10000 times better than results day fo sho. We had prinks at my place which is literally a room downstairs, a room upstairs and a balcony but we somehow managed to fit 30 people in! All 30 of us trailing around Munich and getting the train was quite a sight and I think one of the English guys taught some of us football chants so we were rowdy. So we got to Kultfabrik which was disused warehouses and factories turned into clubs.. The bar we chose was a tad quiet when we got in but there was so many of us that we filled it up fine.

We got a few drinks and everyone was buying for me as it was my night out so I was set! I introduced some people who hadn’t been out with me the last time to my dancing style and by the end of the night everyone was dropping and it felt like I was back in liquid! However I did miss my dancing buddy, Ely and I’m yet to find anyone who I can dance with like I can with him! I had a browse through some snapchat stories and liquid looked pumping and I heard today that I missed some pretty interesting events as well (insert smirking emoji here).

Of course I got acquainted with some of the locals who go crazy for an English accent speaking German apparently. I told one guy I was from near Manchester and he was very excited and just shouted ‘MANCHESTER UNITED’ in my face. Always charming the Germans. The music in the club was a mix of normal club chart stuff mixed with German chart stuff, some of which I knew. I impressed a German guy I was with when I started singing along to a German rapper so if its that easy to impress I think I’ll be fine in the future! We left the club as it closed at 4:30 and hobbled to the u bahn.

We ended up missing a train so we had to wait another 30 minutes for another u bahn and got home at 6am! We were so late/early back that we accidentally got on the same train as all of the BMW workers going in for their shift. So me and my friends were hobbling through the station in going out gear surrounded by about 100 workmen in overalls and work gear. The morning after I managed to make it to class 20 minutes late at 9:20 which is my crowning achievement of this whole trip, even if i was still slightly tipsy!

Just realised I’ve written a full blog post just about going out when I planned to also write about my visit to a gorgeous old castle today. Hey ho I’m going out again literally right now so I’ll write about the castle and some touristy things in my next post.

Shoutout this time goes to my Mother who booked my flights home and put money in my account today to fuel my cultural exploration (and my thirst)! Also shoutout (again) to Ed for being my second mum and asking if I’d ‘made friends’. Yes I’ve made friends and yes I’m eating okay thanks mum!


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