Neuschwanstein and chill

I am sat writing this blog while waiting for my laundry to finish in the uni laundry room so I’m feeling pretty grown-up and studenty right now! This is the second wash I’ve done this month… now I think about it that’s quite gross but I did bring literally 90% of my clothes with me. So down to the point of this post. I went to schloss Neuschwanstein on Saturday, planned to blog about it then wrote about 500 words just on clubbing so I’m doing a purely culture blog now.

We had to coach to Neuschwanstein for about 2 hours which was quite a nice drive through Bavarian villages with quaint chalets along the route. When we got closer to the castle it was much warmer than expected so I was quite glad I had bathed my ginger skin in layers of suncream that morning. We then discovered that we would have to trek up a 1.5k hill to get to the actual castle. The walk wasn’t too bad in the end and overtaking struggling tourists was a great motivation. At least I know now that I’m fitter than a group of 40-year-old Chinese tourists.

The castle was built by Ludwig 2nd, a king of Bavaria around the 1800s. He was widely known for being mental and obsessed with fairy tales and the opera which you can see in the design of the castle. It looks like a Disney castle and inside it is filled with painting and decorations straight from a children’s storybook. One room is designed to look like a grotto/cave which was amazing to look at but not really a normal en suite. Only a third of the castle is finished as King Ludwig went mental and died before it could be completed. Obviously the only option was to add in 3 gift shops and open it to the public, a fairy-tale ending for Ludwig’s dream.

The views from the castle span all over Bavaria and there is a particularly amazing view of the castle and the landscape behind it from a bridge nearby. The bridge was crammed with tourists and I was glad I’m not scared of heights because that thing was rickety af!

Ludwig built 3 castles in total, one apparently is inspired by Versailles so I think I’ll be visiting them sometime this year when I’m au pairing. Speaking of au pairing, I visited my September family today and I’m now all ready to start on the 13th September! Kind of a scary thought that I’ll be in Germany for a solid 4 months but the family are lovely and they’ve said I can have whoever I want over to stay so open invite for all you blog followers (wink emoji). I’ve also decided to invest in a Dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) as I’m going to be here for Oktoberfest. There are certain rules for where you tie the bow around our waist to indicate your relationship status. So if the bow is on your left you’re single, on the right you’re in a relationship, on your back is married and in the middle front is just not available. Traditional dress is usually for special occasions like Oktoberfest but I saw people in the cub with Dirndls and Lederhosen so it could become by new going out attire!

Anyway this is my last week here and its gone so so fast. I feel like I’ve packed a lot into this month and its quite lucky that the uni arranged so many trips and parties. I’ve got another BBQ to go and we’ve got a mad night out planned this Wednesday because we have Thursday off for some reason. I’ve got to be out of my apartment at 10am on Sunday so Saturday night will have to be slightly less mad. My laundry just finished so I’ll finish here!


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