Eisbach insanity

2 days to go!! At the time of writing this I have 49 hours to go until I take off from Munich airport and fly home. I’ve already found myself thinking that I can’t wait to be back here even though I haven’t left. Today was my favourite day so far; eating, drinking, sunbathing, swimming and an abundance of Lederhosen.

On Wednesday we went clubbing to Milchbar again which was just as ridiculously hot and stuffy as last time but we made it work. I met a really lovely German guy but as soon as he found out I was English he asked about Brexit and if English people ‘hate’ the Germans now. I assured him we didn’t and let him buy me a beer to confirm I was down with the German way of life.

We had Thursday off but I was drunkenly convinced by 2 girls on my course to go on a day trip so I had about 3 hours sleep then hopped on a train to Bamberg; a classic Bavarian town 2 hours from Munich. Apparently the train took an hour longer than it should have but I was dead to the world and had quite a pleasant sleep through the whole journey. Bamberg was so pretty and felt like a mix of a Bavarian and an Italian town. There was a summer festival on so there were food carts, markets and, most importantly, Lederhosen galore!

We agreed after a week of going out everyday and night that today was a day for chilling. We had class in the morning but in my class we just watched a film (Daniel Brühl holla at me). A few of us then went to an Italian restaurant for late lunch before the English Garden. We all got pizzas which were ridiculously big but delicious and amazing value for money (thinking like a student). With our food babies ready, we headed to the English Garden.

The English Garden is actually the biggest inner-city park in the world so you can be a 10 minute walk from it from just about anywhere in Munich. It obviously has a few big beer gardens but for people sunbathing there are (admittedly dodgy-looking) people walking round the park selling beers and taking empty beer bottles away.They’re not official people and are mostly homeless-looking but they make a good living off it. You can trade empty beer bottles for about 25 cents of credit that you can use to buy more beer, so the people collect hundreds of bottles then buy beer and sell it to people in the park with a markup. They won’t make much money but it’s a very handy system and it means you’re never far from a cold beer even in the middle of the park!

The park itself is always filled with groups of people of all aged sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyball and all sorts. There is a nudist section of the park just over a stream so even when you are on the other side of the stream you can see EVERYTHING. Most of the nudist people are old men parading around and occasionally standing in the stream (obviously to pee #gross). I was really grossed out when I first saw them because they are in such plain sight and they parade around not caring but now I’m more used to it and I kind of understand that its part of their culture so they don’t see a problem with it.

Down to the best bit of the garden… the Eisbach. The Eisbach is a river that runs through the whole park which comes from the river Isar and before that, the mountains, hence why its called the “ice brook”. And it is COLD! You have to just jump in to get it over with and then once you’re in you have to paddle about to get warm again.What makes the Eisbach so cool is the fact that it has a strong current so you can jump in then get carried downstream for about 5 minutes. Once you’ve got used to the cold, its so lovely to just drift down the river and admire the views. You can drift for about 5 minutes then you have to get out before you hit another natural wave which is always filled with surfers. The getting out is not a glamorous affair and you basically have to grab a tree root or further down there’s a rope and drag yourself out. Apart from that, the fast current and the temperature is such a thrill and when you get out all you want is to run back up to the top and jump back in!

Anyway, in more boring news I’ve take the plunge (Eisbach pun, lol) and changed my phones language to German. I understand everything fine but some notifications are so funny to me. The best one is “… hat Deinen Retweet retweetet” which is “… has retweeted your retweet. I’m signing off now as I need to get to prinks in Studentenstadt for my last night out in Munich (for now). I’ve already got a bingo night planned with my mum and her friend Vicky (shoutout for her bday!!) for next tuesday and I need to get some lunch dates planned soon with my lads n gals before my dough ball withdrawals get too much.I’m gonna be a mess when I see everyone again and especially now I’m coming back here for 4 months straight in just 2 weeks! Damn this has been a long blog, see ya in 2 days my English faves!


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