Zurück nach Fax

I’m back in fax and I’m feeling so weird about it. On one hand I’m so happy to be back with everyone I love but I also feel like I’m just on holiday here and that this isn’t really my home anymore. Got my flight back on the 12th and I’ll be making a beeline right to one of the three beer gardens in Munich airport to quench this German beer craving.

Anyway I’m gonna try to blog about my last few days in Munich even though its been nearly a week… (cries). So Friday night was to be the last night for the group and our final goodbye. Of course this meant half of us fell out, major whatsapp drama occurred and the few in the group I had tried to explain ‘beef’ to, finally understood. The night started quite well, Beth’s German boyfriend suggested a club called Nachtgalerie and we managed to corral the group to the new location (with some help from our leader Miguel). Once there we confidentially strolled up to the entrance only to be stopped as we were ‘too young’. We were very confused, partly due to the language barrier and partly because no matter how much we waved our IDs in his face the bouncer wouldn’t let us in. Eventually he revealed that this was the over 40s section of the club and that we were definitely too young. With this knowledge we backed away from the door and the worst-sounding club ever and found the normal (non-OAP) entrance. The entrance to the club was 10 Euros so I was unsure but when I saw that shots were all 1 Euro and Sourz were 50 CENTS I was prepared to move in and live my life in that club. The music was fab and they even had a stage in the middle of the floor so I was in heaven.

Sidenote: for some context of the weird German club songs I keep going on about listen to: Monsta by Culcha Candela, Ding by Seeed, Traum by Cro.

Saturday was a chill day and I somehow managed to pack and clean my apartment in a hungover, illness ridden state. I dragged myself to the English garden for one last chill in the sun and we ended up having a last supper with the whole course group in the beer garden next to the Chinesischer Turm. During that last meal and beer together I realised how lucky I was to have had this experience. Spending a month with people from all round the world, talking about everything and anything in a variety of languages. As we were leaving everyone offered their home country as a holiday destination, promising a free bed and a tour of their home anytime. I’m so glad I’ve done this now when I’m so young because now my world is so much bigger than just England and Germany. I could go just about anywhere and have a friend or even start a new life. Anyone considering a year abroad I say just do it.

On Sunday I was chucked out of my little Olympic bungalow at 10am even though I was due to fly at 10pm. I checked my suitcase into a locker in Hauptbahnhof and set off for one last day in Munich. Luckily, all of the art galleries and museums are 1 Euro entry on Sundays so I had a right tour of the top culture spots of Munich. Probably my most cultured day in Munich so far but (of course) I still picked up a beer to drink between museums. After my cultural morning I was feeling lazy so I decided to put my new German knowledge to the ultimate test and went to the cinema. I saw Ghostbusters which I think was a bit of a cop-out on my part as it was all dubbed and very easy to understand. Still I was proud of myself and was rested enough to pick up my suitcase and set off for the airport.

The airport was quite an ordeal with very intense security and a 15 minute queue for passport control but I guess after the recent tragedy in the city you can’t blame them for being super safe. At the gate someone came to apologise for our delay and explain why the plane was late in German so I had to translate for a group of guys on a stag do (bloody English). I feel bad for my fellow passengers as my Munich disease meant I was coughing up a lung every  minutes the whole flight. It felt surreal to be back in Manchester and back with my family. Ted told me he’d read my blog and that I need to cut down on my drinking which was a lovely welcome home and just makes me look forward to him being 18 and out on the town with me even more!

Got so much more to blog about but this one is already so long already so I’ll finish here. On Wednesday night drunk me left me a blog note to include (ANOTHER) shoutout for Ed for giving me a drink of his cider  and to give Hamish and Lewis a shoutout but apparently drunk me couldn’t come up with a worthy reason so I’ve got to ‘shoehorn’ them in! BTW this is the last time I take drunken blog requests. Thanks to everyone I’ve seen in England so far and I’m so glad you’re all enjoying the blog so much, I’ll defo be keeping it up from now on!



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