Just call me Mary Poppins…

I’m back in Germany and back on the blog! I’m sure all you lovely blog followers will be glad to hear that I will be continuing blogging all my adventures here in Munich (well maybe not all..).

Writing this now, having been in Munich for less than 24 hours, my brief visit to England feels a lifetime ago. It was so nice to see everyone again but I find it weird that we’ll all be separated and at different unis all over the country. The best thing about being back at home (after seeing my fam ofc) was the constant access to food. After being self-sufficient for a month I discovered that I’m pretty useless when it comes to keeping myself alive. For anyone who hasn’t left for uni yet, appreciate all the free food and meals you get at home before you go away and have to live off pot noodles and beans.

Now most people are at uni the next time we’ll all be back in fax will be Christmas! I’m seriously considering coming back in time for pub golf but I don’t think I’m ready to see poor Lewis chob on the street again. My problem is that I have way too much luggage to take back to England in one case so my new plan is to find a German boyfriend to dump my stuff with or to carry my luggage for me! And it means I’ll have a free German tutor and they have a free English tutor so win/win.

I officially started my au pair job yesterday (12th Sept) and moved into their house. I’m with this English family until December then I move on to a German family for the new year. So far they have been perfectly nice and very welcoming to me. I spent yesterday afternoon with the girls, getting to know them and lowkey figuring out what they’re called. It’s not that I don’t know their names, its that I can’t remember which one is which. Apart from that small fact I think I’ll be fine with the girls. I have my own floor upstairs with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen so I can escape if the 24/7 kids TV gets too much.

I’ve got to help pick the kids up from school in a bit so I’ll finish the blog here. Shoutout request (again) from my mum… Her shoutout is for kindly giving me a lift the the airport and shoutout to both of us for keeping our cool and not crying like madmen like last time! Hope you’ll all enjoy this new chapter of my blog… au pair adventures!


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