First week: done!

After posting a pic on Insta of me ‘blogging’ I kinda feel like I should get round to it sometime today. I’ve finished my beer now unfortunately but I think the mix of a light beer buzz and some pumping German tunes will fuel me through this blog.

Firstly I survived the first week of au pairing with all children intact and alive. YEAY! Tbh the kids are quite easy to look after and its really just about getting them to and from school and making some food before the parents get home. One thing that bothers me is that the kids barely clean up after themselves and will just leave their stuff everywhere. The Baguley household was never particularly strict but we know to take our dirty plates to the dishwasher and help out a little. I told the parents about our family whatsapp group chat where my mum will post a list of jobs for us to do and we (mostly) do them. They loved the idea so hopefully they’ll take a leaf out of the Baguley book and get the kids to do more so I’m not chasing after them all the time! God I sound like my mum.

Now I don’t have my language course buddies I’ve been on the look out for other au pairs when I’m doing the school run. So far I’ve been worried about approaching people in case they’re just a young mum or if they start blabbing at me in another language. Once I start my next language course in a few weeks I’ll be able to gather a squad and hit Kultfabrik and the other (less gross) Munich clubs once again! I have managed to make friends in other ways beginning with Tin and ending in der… I’ve just been on one coffee date which was really fun so I think I’ll try it again sometime. This was actually the first time I’ve spoken to a German guy and he hasn’t asked about Brexit so that was a bonus.

Speaking of Britain, I’m very happy to say that my au pair family somehow have BBC iplayer so I can see beautiful HD Mary and Paul every week on GBBO! The family hasn’t watched it since they moved to Germany so its my new mission to get them back into it so I can bitch about Val with someone (she needs to leave next week). If not its only 19 days until my parents come over to visit me (totally not counting down). I can’t wait to show them around the city and especially get them in a beer garden or two! Of course my mum is a Munich expert so she’ll be dragging my dad around every u bahn station and up to Marienplatz for the daily glockenspiel show. After that I’m returning to good ol’ fax at the start of November for a long weekend so I’ll get a quick taste of some bonfire toffee and maybe a cheeky visit to a few unis!

The weather here has definitely turned to Autumn and I don’t see a dip in the Eisbach happening for a good few months now. Kind of annoying that on the first day of Oktoberfest it rained all day but my trip into the city was improved by a Lederhosen overload. I’ve decided I wont go to Oktoberfest until I have a proper dirndl so I look the part. I’ve tried a few on but I’ve found that the nice ones are usually around 120 Euros so I might hold off and wait for a better deal.

Next week is gonna get a bit crazy as both parents are away on business trips so its me and the grandparents looking after the kids. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with a few more au pairs and escape. Anyway I’ll finish up here and I’m already expecting a whatsapp off my mum 0.2 seconds after I post this saying shes crying over it with like 12 pics of Apollo looking pissed off attached! Thanks for reading everyone and lowkey like my insta 😉


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