Dirndl hunt: complete!


Oh my god its been 10 days since I last blogged what is happening to me. I’m now on week 3 of au pairing and its gone so so fast. The school run is easy af apart from one day when the youngest child’s teacher asked if I was her mum… I’m used to looking younger than I am so god knows what this woman was thinking.

Last week both parents were away all week but the grandparents stayed to help me out/get under my feet. They were really lovely people but the granddad was near deaf and basically useless in the childcare department so it was me and Priscilla (poshest grandma ever) to hold the fort. Priscilla lived up to her name and was a classic southern socialite grandma; writing reports for the Royal Southampton Yacht, telling the kids to speak properly and only wearing cashmere and linen combos. I got in her good books by telling her about my own grandparents cruising adventures and throwing in some of my hunting experience along with some 6 year old pictures of me looking very middle class on Jake. I think me and the kids could have got on fine on our own though. The eldest pretty much looks after herself and was 100% done with her grandparents meddling in everything by the end of the week. I’ve bonded with the eldest a bit more and I feel for her because she is treated like the younger two even though shes 12. I guess I’m used to Trin whos grown up to be more mature than her age so I’ll have to work my big sister magic on this girl like I did with Trin (LOL) 😉 .

Last week I did FINALLY buy my dirndl!! I’m so in love with it and I cant wait to break it in with a visit to Oktoberfest. I struggled at first as most of the good quality ones were 100 Euros and up but I managed to find a shop with better prices near Hauptbahnhof. Even then I must have tried on about 6/7 dirndls in all different styles and sizes until I found my fav. I tried on every extreme, from a floor-length, high neck nun-like one to a super short, organ crushing clubbing one. When I found my perfect one and thought I had it done up correctly the shop assistant quickly came over and told me ‘if you can breathe, its not tight enough’ and proceeded to pull the corset-like strings on the front until I had a waist Kim K would envy and my chest felt like it was going to explode. At least I can say I’m one step closer to being a real Bavarian now I have 2 or 3 less ribs… On my travels I did see an obvious tourist dressed in the ‘beer maid outfit’ I bought off amazon for £20 for halloween last year (eye roll). I’m thinking of having my parents bring mine over so I can tear it up and be a zombie beer maid for halloween over here!

Just realised I’ve got a lot more to write in this blog than I thought which happens in just about every blog I write tbh!

It seems my last post about the bad weather in Munich jinxed me and the weather has picked up a lot since I wrote that. I actually got sunburnt yesterday at the au pair meetup in the English garden! I was wearing my dungarees with a crop top so I now have a red strip across my lower back with a cross of white through it where my dungaree straps were. Apart from that we had a lovely picnic in the park and we will be joining up with another au pair group to visit Oktoberfest soon. As per usual everyone was older than me and one even said ‘I haven’t been clubbing in years’ so I’m hoping to find some party people in the other au pair group.

Thats it for now gotta pick up the kids and make tea #aupairlife! Also I’ve just realised the title of this blog is basically the same as the last 😂


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