Oktoberfest Finally…


Ugh I never know how to start these! I’m now at the end of week 3 here which sounds so crazy now I think about it. I’m not really as homesick this time as I was last month probably because I don’t have any results day trauma and the fact I’m in near-constant contact with my friends and family on various group chats and facetimes.

So firstly I finally fond another au pair in the city who’s my age, English and up for the sesh! We chatted for a bit on an au pair facebook page then met up for lunch. Her story was quite similar to mine in that she didn’t want to go to uni yet and pay for a course she may regret doing so she was taking a year or two off to learn German and earn some money. I invited her to join me and another au pair at Oktoberfest that evening so we ended up dirndl shopping an hour after meeting! The other au pair eventually flaked on us but we had a fab time at Oktoberfest with just us two.

Onto the main event of this blog… Oktoberfest! Me and my new friend Sarah met at Marienplatz (check out my latest insta 😉 ) then u bahned to the entrance. Shes only been in the city a week and speaks barely any German so I led the way towards the blaring music and mental lights of the fairground. There’s a constant stream of Tracht (lederhosen and dirndls) wearing drunk people coming to and from the entrance so its not difficult to find. And I guess there is the 3 rollercoasters and hundreds of fairground rides you can see from a mile off! So we head to the nearest tent, manage to squeeze in and then discover that to order you have to be sat at a table.  The problem with this its the point in the night when everyone is stood on the benches at their tables and are dancing and singing along to the torrent of weird beer songs the band is playing. On our way through the tent I spot a space on a table and managed to wrangle my way up onto the bench using my ‘feminine charm’. The guy who hoisted me up next to him asked where I was from and once they found out I was English but could speak German, I was in. Me and Sarah jumped on their beer order and even learnt some German beer songs. One thing about German beer steins is that they’re bloody heavy which really doesn’t help when you have the arm strength of a 12 year old girl and you’re trying to balance on a wobbling bench being shoved from all sides by crazy drunk Germans. Even so the atmosphere was amazing, everyone singing along to hundred year old drinking songs but acting like they were listening to a normal club song. Just absolutely crazy but absolutely German!

In the first of many bad decisions that night, we decided we must go on some fairground rides. The first was a Twister-type thing with the usual mental music and someone shouting ‘Schrei zu schneller’ which is the German version of ‘scream if you want to go faster’. This whizzed us around enough that we felt like we’d had another few beers but somehow Sarah convinced me to have a jager and coke with her (why oh why). This apparently improved my German more than a hundred Howarth classes could and I proceeded to have a chat with some guys also at the bar and got me and Sarah into their round of shots (for free ofc). One beer, a jager and coke and a shot down, the obvious next step was to go in a fun house. I had been in one with my host family and said how funny it would be while drunk but wow I was not prepared.

We pay our 4 Euros each and get handed cardboard glasses like old-school 3D ones but these were basically beer goggles. With our beer goggles on top of beer goggles we entered the house. Every obstacle took about 3 times longer than usual and everyone was hysterically laughing the whole way round. Poor souls laid on the sides of the walkways binned out or stumbled in the opposite direction until they were gently turned around and shoved towards the exit by bemused workers. The glasses made all the lights blend together and made walking in a straight line impossible so I ditched mine quickly in order to survive. The main challenge was a series of spinning tubes you had to walk through which ended up filled with people spinning round on the floor, trying to drag themselves out. Weirdly I had a newly found skill at this so I ran through the tubes without falling over and even managed to run back through to help Sarah out. This new skill quickly betrayed me as the last tube was quicker than the last but my cockiness got the better of me and I launched myself in. Not a good idea. I immediately went A over T and ended up flailing around in the tube until someone slowed it down long enough for me to escape. Me and Sarah finally found the exit and decided that this was a good time to conclude our first Oktoberfest experience and hop on a u bahn home.

Overall it was just such a funny crazy but amazing night and I’m so excited to go back on Sunday and do it all over again! Haven’t done a shoutout in a while so this one goes to my mum and dad for making the 900 mile journey to see their favourite offspring next week (lol to the parents complaining about their kids going to uni literally a few miles away) and for bringing me various winter clothes and most importantly a hand luggage bag so I can hop on over to England to visit the Lanc squad next month!


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