So this weekend my parents visited me in Munich and its safe to say we crammed as much as possible into the 4 days. Thursday to Sunday we barely stopped laughing and when we did it was to eat and drink some of the ‘best food and beer I’ve ever had’ as my dad put it. I’ve just written some ‘brief’ notes for this weekend and that was 200 words in itself so this blog may turn out to be a 2-parter. So here we go!


I knew my parents were on their way to Munich when I received a torrent of whatsapp messages from my mum about the quality of men on the plane (much better than my flight apparently) and an unsympathetic comment about my dads fear of flying. Within 2 hours they were out of the airport and straight on a train into the city. I cycled down to Olympiazentrum where they were staying which is only a 10 minute ride but due to my complete lack of fitness took me 10 minutes and a bit extra for rest/instagram stops. When I finally rolled into the u bahn station I was greeted by a tirade of hugs and kisses and then teased about my new ‘very European’ look.

Me looking very European with a bike I borrowed off a 12 year old girl

For our first meal I thought we’d dive right in and go to a real Bavarian restaurant. The place we went into was packed but in true Bavarian style we shared a table with a lovely German family who only seemed to speak about 3 words of English but my parents have the same level of German so it worked quite well. Thankfully we were given English menus so I wasn’t on translating duty just yet. I recommended anything with Käsespätzle (seen previously in my instagram) to my dad and safe to say he became utterly obsessed with the mac n cheese style dish. We ordered our food, toasted with our beers and settled in to have a catch up. Some way through the night, Pete (my dad) came back from the bathroom looking very confused. He explained that a guy in the bathroom had tried to have a conversation with him in German so he just laughed, said ja and ran out. This was the beginning of a weird theme of random Germans talking to my dad all over the place during the weekend. Personally I don’t think he looks that German and I’ve never even seen a ginger German guy before so he must just have that kind of face. He did manage a quick ‘wunderbar’ to the waitress after about 10 minutes of coaching from me so I guess hes taken the first step to fluency (lol). Once we were full on beer, pork and potatoes we decided to head back to their airbnb in Olydorf to sample some of the ever cringe-worthy German tv and to chill out. A relaxing evening ended up with me translating every single thing that was said on tv and trying in vain to teach my dad some German.



Friday was our first full day together so we booked onto a walking tour which me and mum knew would be good as we’ve been on it twice already (why). Tbh every tour is different because each tour guide does it slightly differently. It is really the best way to see the city and I think that by the end my dad really appreciated how beautiful the city is. His exact words were ‘this is quite different to London and Manchester’ but I guess thats a good sign in his eyes. Getting around the city turned out to be quite easy as my mum had done remembered the u bahns well from her many visits and even dug out the map I was given at the start of my language course. My dad, on the other hand, wasn’t such an expert on the system and just followed along with us.

The 3 hour walking tour worked up quite a thirst so we dived into the Hofbrauhaus for a quick beer. The atmosphere in there is so lively and pleasant even if it is full of tourists. Although the band has to be one of the laziest bands I’ve ever known. They play one song then the traditional beer song ‘Ein Prosit’ (youtube it, its weird af) then sit and have a beer for a good half hour. Once we had finished our beers and fought our way through the stream of tourists to get out of Hofbrauhaus we wandered back up to Marienplatz to decide where to go next. On the way I took one of my favourite pics of all time.

There is a famous statue next to the square of a woman with one breast exposed so naturally it is lucky to touch the boob. After hundreds of year of this tradition of groping a statue for luck, the boob is now worn down to the bronze underneath. My dad found this hilarious and insisted on having a classic touristy pic with the ‘lucky boob’.

Pete with his new friend

We left the poor statue to a photoshoot with a group of Chinese tourists with selfie sticks galore and headed to the Englisch Garden to check out the park and especially the surfers. It was about 10 degrees out but there were still about 10 surfers taking turns on the river wave…crazy people. The river was freezing in 30 degree weather so you wouldn’t even be able to pay me to get in it now! The surfers are so mesmerising but after 10 minutes stood in the cold next to the river Pete was ready to move on. Unfortunately for him, me and mum had spotted a surfer who looked just like Daniel Radcliffe and we were not about to miss the opportunity to see him flailing about in a wetsuit! Eventually Daniel gave up so we moved on through the park.

One perk of the freezing temperatures was that even the most dedicated nudist wouldn’t risk freezing their precious assets off, so our stroll was nude-free. Thank god! Another of Munich’s sights done, we headed back to the apartment for some food. Being the culturally-immersed family that we are, we got kebabs and pizza from the student takeaway. This was the takeaway which had kept me alive throughout my time in August so I felt it was an important spot to show my parents.

Phew 2 days down and its only taken 1000 words.. oh god. As I predicted this will be a 2 part blog so I’ll post Saturday and Sunday in the next few days! Also a very special shoutout to Lewis for his birthday!!! Have a fab day and I’ll see you in a few weeks!




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