Finally I’ve made a start on this blog! I’ve been distracted from writing this week as my host mum has been away so I’ve had the kids every day  and usually if I’m not in the right mood I just can’t blog. After plenty of reminders from my mum I finally sat down to write this last night, only to become incredibly distracted which ended in me booking flights to visit Ely in Southampton at the end of November. Certainly an expensive distraction but I’m sure it’ll be worth it! Anyway back to last weekend and we left off about to start Saturday.


So Saturday began much like the first 2 days, freezing cold and with mum and dad turning up late because mum was doing her hair. Still we set off for a walk around the Olympic park to show dad where I lived in August and to have a peek in the Olympic stadium. Pete was satisfied with my former accommodation and was especially happy when I showed him the student Bierstube (student pub). We walked up to the Olympic stadium and went into the first stadium which was holding a sports fair for the Munich marathon which was happening the next day. We had a look into the stadium and were quite disappointed by the small, slightly shabby hall we found. Surely this couldn’t be the ‘impressive’ stadium used for the 1972 Olympics?! We moved on to the swimming centre which was slightly more impressive and seemed like a viable Olympic location. Finally we stumbled upon a much grander, main Olympic stadium. Apparently we had wrongly judged the small Olympic stadium as the main one so we were now satisfied with the proper stadium, even if it was kind of dilapidated and looked (as it was) straight out of the 70s. Finished by our high-brow inspection of the Olympic stadiums we wandered through the park (becoming incredibly lost which I would never admit to my parents) and emerged on the other side on a random dual carriageway. We scurried over the carriageway (probably illegally)
and found a tram stop in the middle. I had never been on a tram during my time in the city so it was a momentous occasion… not.

Once safely back in Marienplatz we were told that our 3rd Reich tour was cancelled as our tour guide had an ’emergency’ which was probably just he’d had a few too many the night before and couldn’t be arsed. We booked in to do the tour the next day and set off for a wander through the uni district, partly to find a cafe to refuel but mainly because that’s the way the tram we randomly boarded was going. We found a little cafe and ordered our drinks even if there was no free wifi; a must-have on a Heather/Laura pitstop. When our drinks arrived we thought the waitress was having a laugh. Mums coffee came in what can only be described as a bowl. No handle and just the right size for a portion of Crunchy Nut! She had to drink it with two hands which was a major problem at the beginning when it was quote ‘burning hot’. I had ordered a Coke for a sugar boost but that came with what I’m pretty sure was a thimble to drink out of. Pete’s beer came in a normal glass so he was the only one who looked normal drinking his.

Thankfully our evening meal went much better. In August I had been introduced to a lovely Bavarian restaurant which specialised in a schnitzel marinated in sweet mustard and coated in pretzel breadcrumbs… amazing! Obviously I could no longer afford this on my student budget so my parents visit was the perfect excuse to go back, lol. We sat down and were given English menus, thank god. Previously in August Beth (a girl on my language course and queen of the nude Eisbach) had introduced me to a drink called a Hugo. Its basically prosecco, elderflower syrup, sparkling water and a load of mint leaves but is absolute heaven! Me and mum downed 2 each and promised to bring this drink back to England on her return. Food-wise, dad had the pork and dumpling classic, I had the schnitzel and honestly I can’t remember what mum had… I’ve whatsapped her but lets just presume she had some pork/veg combination. The food went down so well and just confirmed dads obsession with Bavarian food. So big thank you and shoutout to Isabel for introducing me to the Weinbauer restaurant and shoutout to Beth for introducing me to Hugos!



Sunday was our last day together so of course we had to become experts on the Nazi history of Munich. We started the day in classic Baguley style, with Pete cooking us bacon and eggs. It wasn’t quite the same as a proper Baguley breakfast but it was amazing all the same. Breakfast done we hopped back on the u bahn to have a look round the nazi museum to prepare us for the 3rd Reich tour later on.

The nazi museum is really called the ‘Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism’ and I’d say its well worth a visit. There is a lot of text so you’re basically stood reading for a few hours but its so interesting and goes so in depth. It’s especially interested how Munich dealt with it after the war. For a good few years everyone refused to speak about it and the Allies attempted to completely de-nazify the city. But really Munich was such an important part of the Nazi movement that the city couldn’t avoid and ignore it so now there are plenty of memorials and educational points around the city to show what happened there.

So 2 hours later and now basically historians we headed to Marienplatz (yes I live there) to get a quick coffee and a fancy. We found a cafe facing onto the square and had a good half hour of people watching. The square we were looking at had the previously mentioned boob statue in it. On this particular day it had been taken over by a group of hobos sat around its base just hanging out. At intervals they got up to let a group of tourists get some pics of the statue and occasionally the tourists got the hobos to take pictures for them. Who needs a selfie stick when there’s free homeless photographers around!

We met up with our replacement tour guide who was a tiny German guy from Frankfurt called Mark. When I say tiny I mean shorter than me and he was wearing a massive trench coat which made him look like a kid trying on his dads coat. Anyway he was lovely and an amazing tour guide. We walked all round the city for about 3 hours, stopping every so often for Mark to explain what happened in that spot and what happened to it after the war. My favourite place was an art gallery built by the Nazis to show German ‘proper’ art, originally named Haus der deutschen Kunst. All art deemed unworthy or against the Nazi ideals was displayed in a small exhibition with writing next to the paintings explaining why they were bad and encouraging people to mock them. It turned out that this exhibition was much much more popular then the ‘proper German’ art probably because the German art was quite boring and people wanted to see these ‘un-German’ but actually good pieces of art before they were destroyed. Nowadays the gallery is called Haus der Kunst and showcases all the art that the Nazis would have hated like progressive art. Overall the tour made me appreciate how historical Munich is as a city and how much its grown and come to terms with what happened here. It is still a modern, rich and progressive city but it keeps hold of its roots, good or bad.

After the tour it was time to go back to the airbnb and get packed up. Too soon it was time for my parents to leave and on the way to the u bahn station I just wanted to jump on the train with them and be back at home again. But I have a job and a life here now and unfortunately I can’t be Trins age again with no cares in the world and my friends a bus ride away. We said goodbye on the platform and reminded each other that its only a few weeks til I’m home again. Since they left I’ve thought a lot and been quite homesick but I just can’t imagine not living here in Munich, I just love it so much.

Phew so the longest blog ever is nearly over! Just checked my easyjet app and its 20 days today until I’m back in England. I’ll tell you now, I’m having about 7 packs of Walkers crisps, a proper brew and a massive portion of fish and chips as soon as I get home! Shoutout to the DSU team (my mums work) who I’ve heard are enjoying the blog. Thanks for the support and thanks for putting up with Laws and her cackling on a daily basis! Shoutout also to my mum for passing on her cackle to me and of course for bringing over my winter coat. This blog is way way too long but we’ll be back to the usual weekly roundup next time.


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