Weekend in England: Part 1

Cant believe I haven’t blogged for over 3 weeks now. I can assure I’ve actually been doing things these past few weeks, I don’t just hovel up in my room and watch Netflix (maybe a tad bit…). I’ve been out with my au pair friends and actually met someone here but it didn’t really feel right to blog about it. I apologise to everyone who I’ve talked and talked at about my new relationship but if I’m not gonna blog about it then I need to gush about it somehow!

Anyway back to the point, I had a short trip back to England this weekend partly to stuff my face with all the food I can’t get here and partly to see everyone here and have a catch-up. One thing I have noticed is that I automatically speak German now in certain situations. Basically with anyone in the service industry like bus drivers, waiters etc. Usually its just throwing in a few ‘Danke’s and a ‘Servus’ but my worst was launching into a full torrent of German at a Halifax bus driver who just continued his blank stare at me until I realised my mistake and repeated in English. Side note: England wtf £3 to go 8 miles to fax?!


After a chill flight (even though I paid £8 for a bloody meal deal #brexit), I was greeted by a bone-crushing 2 minute long hug from my mum and a short grunt from Ted. Even after spending every car journey with Erwin complaining about being on the ‘wrong’ side of the road I still freaked out all the way home… its a good thing I can’t drive. When I got home Pete being the cooking king he is had made a fab curry which was on my English bucket list of food for the weekend. I settled in front of the TV, cup of tea in one hand and the other on Apollo and enjoyed some English TV (one of the only things I’ll admit is better than Germany).


I didn’t see much of Friday morning in the end as I really needed to make the most of my bed before the weekend was up. My bed in Munich is comfy enough and I can still manage a good 14 hours of sleeping and lying in but obviously nothing can beat your own bed! I eventually got up and dragged my half-asleep, raggedy self to get my new passport pictures done… really didn’t think that one through. Friday afternoon now and it was time to brave the Halifax transport system. My bus was only 8 minutes late in the end and cost the same about and took the same amount of time that it was to get all the way to the airport in Munich… Fun! On my way through town I was assaulted by the sight of the Liquid sign crudely replaced by ‘Atik’, grim. I’ll admit now that I was pronouncing Atik like Ateek but really you’d think that something basically called attic would be on the top floor?! Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Atik but I’m sure the 17 year old of Halifax are loving making £4 a week on guestlists and drinking VKs till they puke.

The point of my trip to Halifax was to have a catch-up with Ed over a Nandos (cheekiness debatable). Eds being a real adult now with his new supervisor position and going out on work dos which makes me kinda proud but kinda sad because we’re all getting too old now with jobs and uni and everything. After a suitably childish Nandos we decided to redeem ourselves with a visit to the Victorian craft beer cafe. I started off feeling guilty for betraying my beloved Radler but as soon as I tasted that mango cider I forgot all about steins and beerhalls. Once we had documented the trip on Insta and gathered a healthy amount of likes it was time to head home. Thankfully Ed gave me a lift home so I avoided another bus journey and got a ride in the Panda lol.

I’m gonna pause this blog here and I’ll post the rest of the weekend in a few days (boost them views ;)). One thing I’ll finish on is that this weekend has made me realise that even if we all move away and start new chapters of our lives I can still be sure that my friends will still be there for a chat and a catch-up. We are all changing and meeting new people but its good to know that we are still there for each other and hopefully we will be for many years to come. I mean we’ve all been through enough together already from criminal acts #ripvendegate to just making it through A-Levels in general!


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