Weekend in England: Part 2

Back to part 2… I feel like I should do a ‘previously on’ but you can literally just scroll down and read the last one so nahh. I enjoy writing this blog so much its just I’m having a rambling conversation with myself about my own life and then I publish it online. I’ve seen some other blogs recently and honestly its like reading the Goop of Halifax… not a glamorous title. Best Places to Eat in Halifax: hunched over a 20 box of nuggets in the bus station, some cold leftover chicken and chips in Dixies because you have 6p to your name. I’m sticking with my misadventures around Munich any day.


I was rudely forced from my bed too early on Saturday morning for my roadtrip to Liverpool passport office with mother. We got there 15 minutes early, mum with kindle in hand, expecting to be waiting ages and to have a classic slow and frustrating bureaucratic visit. Of course Mum was stopped at the pathetic ‘security’ gate and the scrap of chewing gum packet she had dared to leave in her pocket was seized. Once inside my appointment was called almost immediately and in disbelief I was quickly sorted out and told to pick my new passport up in 4 hours.

We wandered down the road in search of a place for breakfast and were graced by the sight of a Costa (yaaas). I ordered my usual caramel late (gotta keep my basic white girl cred up) and we settled down to decide what to do next. We finally decided on the maritime museum mainly because it was free but lowkey gotta love a good Titanic exhibit ;). 4 hours, 3 museums and a light lunch later we returned to the passport office where I was handed my fancy shiny new passport and sent on my way. Now was time to head for Lancaster!

The journey to Liverpool had been suspiciously easy and now the drive to Lancaster was the same. We should really have been grateful but its so weird to actually get somewhere on time in this country! Once I left Lancaster I left my maternal Laura and transferred over to my gal Laura. I had a fab tour through the campus and Laura’s rooms and I’ve got to say uni accommodation is way nicer than I expected. Well I thought that until we went round to James’… As usual James was lowkey a mess but highkey living. We prinked in James kitchen with some of his flatmates which was super fun but made me realise that I’m more affected by wine than I think I am.

Once sufficiently inebriated we made our way to Sugar, the local student club. I’ve discovered on my travels that clubs are called gross/ridiculous names in almost every country; I met Erwin in a place called Milchbar for Gods sake. Sugar was actually really good and tbh it was just so good to be back with English club dancing. The Germans just don’t understand bopping and gun fingers. I did manage to drunk message my poor boyf while in the club mainly just awkward ‘Ich liebe dich’s with some lovely Genglish scattered in which would make Mrs Howarth turn in her grave. Luckily he was just amused by this and told me we need to work on my sentence structure.


I awoke Sunday morning experiencing the bed spins to the max and feeling basically hungover af. This is mainly because I’ve literally only had beer and tequila on nights out for the last few months so downing a bottle of wine and returning to my arch nemesis jäger was a recipe for disaster. Laura, being the true vegan she is, suggested I had a bacon sandwich to recover, the thought of which just made me queasier. Eventually we managed to drag ourselves to the train station and I boarded my train home. I napped on and off between stops and made it to Manchester Victoria chob free #achievement. Of course my next train was 10 minutes late and when it arrived, looked like a tin can on wheels with some seats duct taped on. Even so my journey was improved significantly by the promise of a cooked breakfast waiting for me at home.

Once home I was greeted by a glorious cooked breakfast which I destroyed, not before taking a picture of it and sending to Erwin. He seemed to approve but was extremely confused by the concept of beans and tomato for breakfast. He cant really say anything tho Germans literally have cold salami, cheese and bread for their breakfast #grim.

After a short and useless nap I was out again, this time to visit my grandparents in their caravan (they’re not gypsies I promise). I had already completed most of my English bucket list of food but fish and chips was last on my list and the promise of a pub dinner made my dream a reality. I told Erwin I was going out for tea which caused much confusion as he thought I was going out just to drink tea. I said no but explained that that is also a thing we do and he just laughed and said that was ‘crazy but adorable’ which is how he reacts to most of the English things I tell him. We ended the night by watching possible the worst organised firework display I’ve ever witnessed. It would be really good for about 5 minutes but with vast breaks in between so you never really knew if it was over or not until someone dragged another load of rockets out of the pub. We enjoyed anyway and polished off some cheese and crackers in the caravan (English to the max).


Monday was my last day and I spent the morning just chilling around the house with my mum which was the perfect end because thats what I really miss the most about home. I said goodbye to Apollo, took a quick selfie with Brian the bearded dragon to show the kids and left home once again. Of course me and Mum cackled all the way to the airport and luckily didn’t hit much traffic. At the airport we said goodbye even though we know we’ll be chatting away on whatsapp within the hour. My flight was quite chill and I savoured my last Boots meal deal while listening in on a German family’s conversation.

It’s good to be ‘home’ now here in Munich and I do call it home even if its not home home. I’ve had my first beer since I’ve been back and I’m going to pop to the bakery after this to complete my re-immersion into German culture.


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