Southampton Sesh: Memes and Dreams

The opening weekend of the real German Christmas markets in Munich and where am I? Southampton of course! I’m here visiting my English bae Ely FINALLY and having another dip into the English uni lifestyle. I feel like this title is definitely up there with my best ones, mainly thanks to Ely’s flatmate Lewis for the sub-title Memes and Dreams (I can’t even begin to explain their love for memes). Sticking to what is apparently my new theme, this blog will be a 2-parter because well because this is my blog and I know you cba reading a 3000 word blog all in one go. Anyway onto the blog!


My flight to Southampton was at 20:40 so I had the whole day to chill and pack so obviously I had a lie in and then a nap later and forgot about my packing until the last minute. I left the house with requests from the kids to bring back as many mince pies as the UK border force would allow and set off for the airport. I usually fly with easyjet but I guess the south is too good for that so I had to fly with flybe. Another thing the south is apparently too good for is properly sized planes. It was like flying in a fiat panda which as you can guess, was terrifying. I’m weirdly a big fan of turbulence as it makes the ride a bit more interesting and scares everyone else into being quiet. However this flight was the bumpiest one I’ve ever been on so admittedly it wasn’t as funny after 2 hours of constant battering. Eventually I landed (barely) and made it to passport control where the woman obviously saw me (a dungaree-clad very tired looking 14 year old) as a threat to national security and proceeded to question me on what I was doing in the country. I thought it best not to say ‘for the sesh’ so I went for ‘visiting a friend’ and made it through her rigorous questioning unscathed.

I then had an emotional reunion with my bae of baes Costa before meeting up with Ely. Of course I’m joking I only had Euros on me so I had an emotional reunion with Ely and I’m pretty sure he broke one of ribs in the process. We bussed back to Elys hall which turned out to be quite nice compared to the others I’ve seen (sorry Lanc lot) and I met 2 of Elys roommates Ethan and Lewis who were the loveliest pair and made me feel like part of the squad from the start. His other roommates I said a quick hello to including Alice who ate a clementine with chopsticks and apparently haunts Ely while he sleeps (don’t ask). After this revelation I was done for the day and got into bed which I appreciated a lot more once I saw Elys sad excuse for a bed on the floor.


I was rudely awoken on Friday morning by Elys ridiculously loud Trump alarm (why Ely why) and after much shuffling and clattering around he left for his lecture. I eventually got up a few hours later and was greeted by a bacon sandwich from Elys roommate Ethan (missed u bacon). I had a few hours living the true lazy student life catching up on im a celeb (scarlett to win) and stealing Elys stash of biscuits then I headed up to the campus to meet him for lunch. We ended up eating in the uni canteen which wasn’t that bad tbh and I finally got some curly fries after 3 months cold turkey.

After that it was time to brave the Christmas markets which I judged mercilessly. The beer wasn’t up to German standards (obvs) but the market was cute enough and Ethan and Elys pure delight at their alcoholic hot chocolates made up for it. Of course the next thing I had to see on my trip to England was the inside of a Sainsburys. My master plan for this trip to England was to smuggle back as much British food as possible. I can get most stuff like tea bags, cheddar cheese and squash from my host family but the crisp selection in German supermarkets is abysmal so I needed to bring back a Walkers stash. I ended up buying a 24 pack of crisps and 4 boxes of mince pies; one for Sarah my au pair friend, one for Erwin to try and immediately dislike so I can eat the rest and 2 boxes fro my host family. My British stash ready and drinks bought, we headed home for prinks.

We got back at about 6 which seemed a good time to start prinking (spoiler alert: bad idea). Me and Ethan discovered the god of all drinks which was Disaronno mixed with super cheap Sainsbury’s own fruit juice. It went down waaaay too easy and confirmed mine and Sarahs theory that you cant ever put too much Disaronno in a mixed drink. We had a few rounds of ring of fire to get us going, in which one of the group died after drinking half a pint of vodka in one go and I drunkenly admitted more than I should have to Ethan who I had known barely 24 hours… A good prinking sesh all in all.

After much deliberation we decided to go to Switch, mainly because there was some weird male stripping show on at Oceana and Ethan wasn’t ready to face his sexuality that night… lol. We had a brisk, drunken walk to the club with some of Elys flatmates and some people I don’t remember. During the walk Ely decided it would be a good idea to vault over a row of bollards which I was all for… until he did it backwards. Safe to say he was nearly impaled and was sore for the next few days. We made it to club, some of us in a better state than others, and danced basically for the whole night. Think I’ve said it so many times in these blogs but I miss English clubbing so much. Just the dancing and the music and the fact that everyone gets so into it. The music was so good in the club even for a Friday night and honestly it was a just treat to not have to listen to Euro-trash for one night. To top the night of I was carried home between Ely and Ethan (big shoutout to both of you for putting up with me) and we picked up a gross but amazing at the time takeaway. Once we made it home me and Ely were so tired we fell asleep straight away and couldn’t even manage our usual girly chat.

Part 2 with Saturday and Sunday will be up in the next few days or whenever I remember. Both my host parents are away this week so I’m with the kids all week this week…joy. I’ve also got to force a mince pie down Erwin and have a catch up with Sarah over a alcoholic hot chocolate.




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