Southampton Sesh: Part 2


After our total KO me and Ely ended up sleeping in until about 1:30 and honestly I would have slept for longer if Ethan hadn’t woken us up. I swear every time I sleep in the same room as Ely I sleep for way longer than normal its so weird. At this point I think Ely just has a carbon monoxide canister hidden somewhere in his room and now I guess he brought it down to uni!

After our ridiculously long lie in we needed to have brunch and get out of the house before starting prinking again. Being the girl he is, Ely too about 2 hours to get ready and by that time me and Ethan were starving and ready to murder Ely. One good thing to come out of this was that Ely shaved off his poor excuse for a beard (sorry dude but just no). We eventually made it out and to the handmade burger co which we lowkey chose because Ely’s friend works there and can get us a discount. Correction: can get Ethan a whole meal for free! Even so the burgers were amazing and there’s a pic on my insta if ya want to give it a cheeky like (idgaf self promoting).

Once we got home it was back to prinking and onto another round of ring of fire. Sufficiently buzzed and minimal getting ready effort made, we set off for Oceana. I have to say I think I still prefer Switch but Oceana’s disco room was LIFE. I don’t know why people are being such grinches about the new liquid because that disco dance floor was cool af in Oceanas and that ones not brand new like the liquid one. Anyway we stayed in the disco room for basically all of the night and danced through some absolute bangers and cringed through some Christmas songs. By about 2am my whole body was aching and I was ready to be done but I was slightly revived by some classic sandwich dancing with the boys much to the horror of Elys friend (burger gal). In the end we left just as the dance floor was getting to the end of the slippy stage and into the sticky stage which I was thankful for. We ubered home like royalty riding off my au pair money lol. To top a fab night off me and Ely even got a cheeky girly chat in before bed!


We woke up on Sunday morning at a vaguely normal time which was a minor miracle for us and I started an intense game of packing tetris trying to fi 24 packets of crisps and 4 boxes of mince pies into my case while Ely moaned about his bruised butt. In the end I had to sacrifice the Worcester sauce crisps and hoped for the best with the rest. We ended up ordering Dominos for brunch and quite embarrassingly got it delivered even though the shop is literally 1 minute down the road. But thats just the lazy student/au pair lifestyle I love.

Eventually we dragged ourselves to the airport and said our goodbyes, even though we’ll see each other in just 3 weeks. I managed the grand heist of smuggling my haul through security easily and even got through the scanner without being groped by a security guard which is a first for me. Once I was in the departure lounge I realised that Southampton airport is RIDICULOUSLY SMALL (ironic capitals get me). The smallest W H Smiths ever, no wifi and not even a Mc Ds!! I wasn’t particularly looking forward to another turbulent flight with my hangover and the dominos/killer cocktail mixture that was sloshing about in my stomach.

All in all it was a fab weekend and I definitely think I’ll be visiting Southampton again, mainly to try the ‘worst club in Britain’ Jesters. I can’t believe we’ll all be back together in Fax in just 3 weeks, crazy that I’ve been here for 3 months now. I’m slightly torn for Christmas because I can’t wait to see my friends and family and be back in England for a while but then I don’t want to leave my host family here and I know I’m gonna miss Erwin like crazy. After Christmas I’m starting my new job with a German family still here in Munich so that’s gonna be a scary but fun adventure. Anyway I’m finishing up now because I need to serve up tea for me and the kids. Lol its weird saying adult things like that now…


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