Munich to Fax to Munich again!

So I haven’t blogged in over a month… I’m no Goop but I guess I don’t have various minions to write my life up like Gwen does. This month has been jam packed with reunions, parties, shots, more shots…too many shots! Anyway I’ll try not to go too crazy and get all this in one blog!

The end of December meant the end of my time with my first host family which was bittersweet because I had such a good time with them but I really knew it was time for me to move on. I’ll definitely be visiting them again soon as I’ve forgotten to bring a stash of teabags and I can feel the withdrawal symptoms kicking in already.

I left for the airport with my bag literally stuffed to the point of bursting open with Christmas presents, its a wonder I made it through security with that; partly because of the military grade glow stick Erwin gave me for Teds present! I arrived back in Manchester to a massive hug from Vicky and an empty house; perfect.

Eventually I managed to convince Ted to leave his own personal heaven in the Barraclough/Wells household and join me back home in order to put up the Christmas decs. By this time the rest of the Baguley clan was still in NZ so it was left to me and Ted to Christmassify the house. Thankfully Apollo had also returned to help us with the festivities (big thanks to John, Collin and Rufus for looking after him!).

The rest of the fam was due back from NZ on the Friday night but they seemed to set off 2 whole days before so I had a weird few days of whatsapping Mum while she was in the sky, being waited on hand and foot, given unlimited food and complaining about it all the way! After 127 hours in the air the Baguley family were finally all in the same country and back together. Of course I received the usual bone-crushing hug from every member of the NZ crew and they all claimed cockily that they didn’t have jetlag… we’ll see.

Saturday meant Christmas Eve with our next door neighbours, probably my favourite part of Christmas. Its a cosy, chilled night in front of the fire eating, chatting, playing games, and more eating. We have a whole spread of food like homemade bread rolls, a whole ham (yaaaas) and just omg I could write a whole blog just on the food there tbh. At midnight we had to head home in time for Santa and because the ‘non jetlagged’ travellers were tired.

Christmas morning began promptly at 9am… for me. The rest of the fam finally managed to get up at 10 and Ted had to practically be dragged out of bed. I remember the days I’d be the one dragged out at 8am with Ted and Trin squealing at the living room door but I think I prefer this chilled Christmas. Trin took chilled Christmas a step further when she fell asleep while unwrapping a present (still not jetlagged of course). We spent Christmas day at John and Colins and enjoyed a fabulous Christmas dinner before heading to the Barraclough/Wells house so Ted could get some time in with his bae ;).

Soon it was time for mother to return to work after her 27267 day break. Unfortunately this was when her jet lag finally started to kick in so the lovey people at DSU would have to survive a few more days without their cackling, annual leave queen.

As for me I made my return to fax Thursday which many people tried to tel me ‘wasn’t a thing’ but for sure it was. I even enjoyed a short stint in Acca where I saw literally everyone from Crossleys which is always my fav part of going out in fax. Its a bit like having a big house party reunion but out in town. Of course I had to end the night with Ely which usually is a nice chilled end to the night apart from this time he decided to drop me on our way home as he carried me along his road. I wouldn’t mind but only a few weeks ago Erwin dropped me also carrying me home from the club so I’m starting to wonder if the men in my life have it out for me!

A few days later it was time to return back down the treacherous path to Ely’s house for nye! Probably one of the craziest new years I’ve had but definitely one of the best. Ely’s family got us playing some random, sometimes frustrating games which were just an excuse to get as many shots down us as possible. The night ended with Hamish passed out on a sofa and Ely dying in a bathroom, both obviously not affected by the special cookies they had earlier in the night. I gave in to my loved up drunken self and awkwardly facetimed Erwin speaking what I thought was fluent German which really turned out to be gibberish.

After nye I was ready for a few days of chilling out, being woken every morning by a cup of tea brought to my room at 11 with the suggestion that I should probably get up soon by Dad. However the idea of one last night out roused me from my bed and got me in the mood to drink too many shots and dance like a mad person. I have to admit Friday in fax was better than the last Thursday partly because the new upstairs of liquid was open and that 70s dancefloor gave me liiiife. I knew I was drunker than usual because we ended up in Dixy chicken at the end of the night and I threw down my apple pay for a load of peri chips for me Ely, Ham and whoever else was lucky enoough to catch my new generous drunken state. Safe to say I woke up not feeling too clever the next morning…

Sunday meant saying goodbye to the fam once again but also saying hello to my new host family! I’ve been with them 4 days now and I’ve settled in really well. I can already tell being with a German family is gonna be the best thing for me as I’m always around German and have plenty of people to practise with. My new language course couldn’t be better as well and I already feel like I’m improving and feeling more natural with my conversations. Overall I’m in such a good place and the only thing I need now is to see Erwin again as I haven’t seen him in 4 weeks!



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