Once again I had a visit from my semi-retired Mother and once again I blasted through a load of tourist activities which are on my doorstep 24/7 but only seem to get done if I have people here to show them to. Obviously we had a fab time and I’m sure it will all make a very amusing blog for my friends slumming it at uni, to my mums work friends at DSU who are probably wondering where she disappears to every other weekend!

Strange side note: Recently I’ve randomly become obsessed with a pedometer app called Pacer which tracks how many steps you take during a day. I’ve got mum onto it so the weekend was partly taken up with this obsession. Therefore, there will be a step count at the end of each day for the blogs for this weekend because we bloody smashed it ngl.


Thursday started off just as usual, I got up mid-morning and whizzed round my room to tidy up a bit before Mother arrived that evening. Mimi had hockey in the afternoon which is my intense studying hour with occasional breaks to watch German kids run about with hockey sticks flying all over the place. After this Oma took us to the train station to pick Mum up. She made her way all the way from the airport to my station all on her own with only a tiny s bahn map I was given last August on my language course; I was v impressed. Oma tried a bit of English but she struggled a bit so I took over translating between them. This was the first time Mum had heard me speaking properly to a real German and apparently I sounded quite convincing. Unfortunately, Mimi chose this time to start correcting my German and show me up… thanks gal!

Oma dropped us back home and I immediately began the house tour. Mum unloaded her case and presented me with my England care package; a pack of 240 teabags, custard creams, a chocolate orange, a multi pack of walkers crisps and a pack of creme eggs. Later on my host parents took us out for a meal at a traditional Bavarian beer hall where we had schnitzels bigger than our faces and a cheeky Radler.

Step count: 8686


We were up super early on Friday for our 9am tour to Neuschwanstein castle. We grabbed some pastries Opa had bought and set off for the bahnhof. Of course the one day we had to be somewhere on time, the first ever German train delay happened. We made it to the tour group 10 minutes late and I was stressing that they would have left without us. But no. The train to Neuschwanstein was leaving in an hour and we didn’t even need to be there yet. The tour guide suggested we get a coffee and something for the train journey so obviously everyone piled into Starbucks but me being a savvy/scrimping teenager had already sussed out the cheapest coffee place where they even leave out the syrup pump things so you can get a coffee for 1.50 Euros then go cray with the pumps and make your own vanilla/hazelnut/caramel, teeth rotting (but very affordable) drink. We then picked up some extra mini maps for mother (not like she’s got a map and 2 map apps on her phone) and then got on our train.

The 2-hour train journey took us through the Bavarian foothills and stopped just at the base of the mountains. Throughout the journey the tour guide told us the story of King Ludwig 2nd who built Neuschwanstein castle. I’ve already been before with my summer language course and I wrote a blog about it then if you want to have a lil throwback read. Even so it’s still a very interesting story and it was so lovely to see the caste and its surroundings in the snow.

We started off in a café at the bottom of the road up to the castle so obvs I had to grab a cheeky gluhwein to prepare from the 2km hike up. Once we had reached the castle at the top of the hill (accidental Ed Sheeran reference?!) we had selfie opportunities galore! The views from the top of the mountain are incredible so obviously we needed to have our faces in the middle of it to commemorate the trip. Selfie session finished, we headed back down to the small village at the bottom of the hill and found the lake that I had sunbathed next to in the summer was now completely frozen. A dilemma began immediately with me wanting to walk on the ice but mother insisting I’d fall in. In total I think she said ‘don’t do it’ 3 times before she said ‘nahh go on it’ll be funny’. What a good influence… but it did make a good photo opp.

Walking on Alpsee

Soon it was time to head back on the train home but for some reason it felt like it took about 500 hours and the train was like -5 degrees for no reason so by the time we made it home we were hungry, exhausted and cold. Perfect time for a takeaway! We settled in my cosy au pair room for the evening and I wrote up my notes for this blog. We also had the opportunity to sort out Mum’s New Zealand blog which she’ll hopefully start writing soon… Me being the blogging expert, I was commissioned to sort out the layout of her blog and basically show her how to use it. However, me being blog obsessed, I quickly got distracted and jealous at how amazing I had made her blog look. So I abandoned my project and began pimping up my own blog page. I’d highly recommend checking it out on a laptop or computer instead of on your phone because I’m honestly so proud of it. I’ve now got a swanky new design, a menu bar with links to categories of different types of blogs I’ve written and even social media links. I probably shouldn’t be so excited about something so trivial but I just find it SO COOL.

step count: 14474

I’m gonna finish up this blog here, partly because it’s over a thousand words and partly because I’ve been writing this throughout Mimi’s hockey lesson and she’s nearly done. This was just 2 days of mums 5 day visit so the rest of the weekend and Monday will be posted in a few days. As I’ve been writing this I’ve been getting major side-eye from the mums sat around me… maybe because I’m furiously typing away and occasionally stopping to take a snapchat. Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll be back with another instalment of Heather’s crazy German adventure soon!


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