Welcome back to Mothers Visit: part 2, second edition. So I typed this whole blog up on Friday but just as I had completed my 1200 word masterpiece, my laptop decided to crash and delete the whole thing. In short, I rage quit from the blog for a few days but after a weekend of reflection and cursing my laptop I’m ready to start again. I’m actually typing this on the train right now, looking like a maniac again typing like my life depends on it. I’m also saving this document every 2 seconds just in case so hopefully today is the day I finally post this.



After our early start the previous morning, we decided to have a lie in followed by a leisurely breakfast before heading out to see Nymphenburg palace. The palace was used as the summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria and its situated quite close to the city centre. For some reason I thought it would be an hour or so out of the city, like most of the other castles and palaces round here, but no its literally a tram ride away. I had already seen some instagrams of people skating on the frozen lake and canals at the front of the palace but when we went the ice was looking a tad dodgy. We walked up to the palace along the canal which was infested by blood thirsty looking swans and geese. It is very impressive from the end of the canal and defo reminds me of somewhere some snooty woman from 4 weddings would get married at.

Totally candid walk up to Nymphenburg Palace

We paid our 9 Euros and started the tour of the castle. Inside its filled with the usual European castle stuff like fancy frescos, strange fabric wallpaper and uncomfortable looking furniture. We had a nice wander round the palace gardens to get our steps in and watched some mental people skate on the lake then headed back into the city to grab some lunch. I took mum to one of my favourite lunch places near Marienplatz which serves pizza by the slice and has the beest pizza/cocktail deal.




On the way home we made the ill-advised decision to pop into dm (a super cheap makeup/toiletry store which is my fav place in the whole city). The plan was to just get me some face wipes and leave but in the end we left with a bag full of makeup, toiletries, and a mirror randomly; all for just 20 Euros. Bargain!

step count: 18806



Sunday began with another leisurely morning in which we planned the day ahead. One of my favourite sights in the city is the surfers who surf on a natural wave in the Eisbach at the edge of the English Garden. With it being -1 degrees out, Mum didn’t believe that they could still be surfing so we set off to find out.

Of course I was right and there were loads of people looking cold in wet suits waiting to surf. If anything there was the same amount of surfers there as there was when it was 28 degrees in summer. After about 15 minutes of watching and taking some quick snaps we moved on to get inside somewhere and get warm. Just a tram ride away is the Deutsches Museum so we headed there.

The Deutsches Museum is basically like the Manchester museum of science and industry but with a million other exhibits on a million different topics. When we got in we were just in time to see a presentation on electrical power where they have all electrical stuff that looks like stuff in a power plant and they jump electricity from one metal thing to another to create lightening. Obviously from that pathetic explanation I don’t really know much about this but we thought it would be cool to watch. They told us it was going to be quite loud so me and mum were prepared and didn’t really react to the sound because it was just like loud electrical buzzing. Weirdly all the Germans watching with us were really affected by it and all were covering their ears and wincing. Not even just kids, grown adults were covering their ears like that one lame kid that’s scared of fireworks. So weird. The rest of the museum was really interesting but slightly too much. After we had trudged round 3 floors we were mentally and physically drained so we headed back to Marienplatz to get some lunch. I will say though if any of my physics peps come and visit, I’ll definitely take them back there because their nerdy selves would love it!

So we were looking for somewhere to have lunch in Marienplatz (my second home) and I finally had the opportunity to take Mum to Hans im Gluck, a burger restaurant which is my first choice for any lunch date or meetup. Their burgers are to die for and they even have really nice veggie and vegan burgers which is a miracle in Germany! Mum enjoyed her visit but she was highly offended when the waiter came to serve us and asked if we were American, lol.
step count: 12512



Monday was Mums last day and she was due to leave for the airport just after midday so we decided to just have a chill brunch and a stroll round the Olympiaeinkaufszentrum before she had to go. We stored her suitcase (with some struggle) in a locker in Hauptbahnhof and set off on my old usual u bahn to the shopping centre. We had a bit of a wander round and even managed to go into dm without buying anything which has never happened in the history of dm visits. We stopped at Richarts for some brunch. I had a Flammkuchen which is like a super crispy thin pizza but with cream cheese, chives and bacon bits on top and mum ordered tomato soup, not something I’ve ever thought to order in Germany. When it came it looked like a red cappuccino but one all the froth was mixed in it was actually quite nice. We passed the time chatting and people watching; our 2 favourite pastimes. Soon it was time to head back to Hauptbahnhof and for us to say goodbye. Our goodbyes aren’t too sad anymore because we’re both back and forth between England and Germany anyway so its never long until we see each other again.


Phew so blog finished! This is definitely the longest its taken me to write a blog but think it was worth it. Just as a round up; today I picked up my ski stuff before I set off to meet Cara and her parents in France for our ski trip! It’s gonna be such a good week, partly because of the daily free afternoon tea in our chalet but partly because it’ll be so good to spend some time with Cara as shes the only person I know from home who’s doing this living abroad thing so she understands all the positives but also all the negatives. We can cry about missing Walkers crisps and Cadburys together! Look forward to a blog about our European adventures in a few weeks!!


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