France Ski Trip: Calves, calves and carving

So this week is the biggest party weekend in Germany, Carneval! But of course I’ve left the country for a ski getaway with Cara and her fam. Perfect opportunity to blog tho and the insta opportunities are insaaane.


Saturday began way too early at 5am as my flight was at 8:30 and I had my bag to check in. Luckily the flight was the shortest I’ve ever been on, just 50 minutes. I met Cara’s parents in Geneva airport and then we set off on our transfer up into the mountains. Cara arrived at the chalet half an hour before us in her blablacar and claimed us a good room.

The chalet has 4 rooms with room for 10 people so me and Cara have a room, Cara’s parents have another and then the other 2 rooms are taken by 5 randoms who we’ve now got to know and are really nice. The chalet is looked after by this guy called Ben whos basically like me; doesn’t really care about the job but just wants to get paid to be here. He makes us cooked breakfast every morning, makes a cake for afternoon tea which is just left out for us to graze on after skiing and then makes us a 3 course meal in the evening.

We went out to pick up our ski hire which was a farce as usual and then had a quick beer in a local bar to watch the rugby. The bar had a live musician on every night and that afternoon there was an amazing brass band playing outside in the snow who looked a bit cold but were defo having a good time. Soon it was time to head back to the chalet for dinner and to meet the other people staying with us. We all did the weird adult handshake thing when we first met which I don’t think is supposed to be weird but it just feels so grown up to me and I have hand shake anxiety that my handshake is too lame and I’ll be judged for not breaking their hand. Anyway…. We had a lovely meal and got to know each other. It turned out they were all from Cambridge Uni so Cara exploded but she got a good inside opinion of what its really like to go there and live there. We soon discovered that the chalet was advertised as ‘unlimited wine’ so decided to take full advantage and accidentally got quite drunk.

We stumbled into our room at about 1am and then remembered that Cara had to write her daily diary. Lets just say that its quite unintelligible to read and understand now, lots of hashtags and she even kindly linked the actual website address of my blog into her hand written diary which only she reads.


After the previous nights festivities we dragged ourselves up at 7:50 for breakfast at 8 and we managed it surprisingly well despite our slightly hungover state. We had a full cooked breakfast which me and Cara treated like an other-worldly being #europeanproblems.

Me, Cara and Cara’s parents headed out to explore the pistes and lowkey learn to ski again. We had lunch at the very very top of a mountain and enjoyed the view. After another few hours of skiing we headed back to the chalet and just at the very last run we had the first fall of the holiday, Cara’s mum. Of course then I immediately also fell over watching her fall so at least I also got my first fall out of the way.

Back at the chalet we finally felt the best feeling in the world; taking ski boots off. Tea was chicken in tarragon sauce, veg and homemade wedges then spiced peach crumble which tasted like England with the crumble but Christmas with all the spices. After the previous night we headed to bed straight after tea which gave me and Cara to write actually readable summaries of the day.



Monday was the last day before the snow was due to start on Tuesday so me and Cara took the opportunity to get out on our own and go all the way to another valley nearby. I always prefer skiing when you’re travelling somewhere and on an adventure so Monday was really fun. We finished our journey with a gondola ride across a valley with a glass bottom with a view of a 350m drop. We had a quick rest from our tiring gondola trip with a 5 Euro hot chocolate. I considered having a gluhwein but then realised it was 10:30 in the morning and even I have a limit. We had a study of the map and saw a purple piste called le piste mauve which turned out to be a piste sponsoured by Milka which promised a Milka cow to take selfies with and FREE CHOCOLATE!!! With this in mind we skied as fast as we ever have before towards the promised land.

Me and Cara with our new friend

Despite our reservations the Milka piste lived up to all of our expectations (apart from my hope that the snow on the piste would be painted actual Milka purple). There was a cardboard cutout of a purple cow and even a guy in a cow suit who was super keen to take selfies with us. A woman dressed in full Milka merch took our pic and gave us a mini Milka egg  and we skied away with our holiday and lives complete.


We had a light lunch at the top of the mountain then headed back down to la plagne and skied right to our chalet door.



We awoke on Tuesday to snow still falling and a good covering of snow on the pistes. Unfortunately visibility was quite bad but the snow was so good to ski on so we headed up the mountain to see if we could get above the snow. Of course up the mountain the snow was even worse and it was virtually impossible to see any definition on the snow so you basically had to just turn wherever and hope for the best. I think once it stops snowing and we’re just left with nice perfect powder.

We came in from skiing a bit earlier than usual because  we literally couldn’t see what we were doing and we really felt like having a chill afternoon. I started off the chill afternoon catching up on social media in bed but ended up having an accidental 2 hour nap. We had dinner which was a cheesy, potato, bacon bits filled thing which has a name but its French and I’m not about that. Now I’m writing this up while we’re all playing rubbish trivia games and drinking wine in the living room, perfect evening.


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