Back to part 2 of mine and Cara’s skiing adventures. I’m currently writing this on the train on the way home from the airport… at stupid time in the morning. I think by the time I get home today I’ll have been on the train longer than I was on the plane from Geneva to Munich.


Like most ski holidays, the host of the chalet, Ben, had the day off on Wednesday so we had to sort out our own food. He left us croissants and pain au chocolats to cook for breakfast and showed us where everything was but after just over 3 days of being catered for it was like we’d never had to make our own breakfast before. Luckily we booked a restaurant for the evening and we had all already decided to try out the French speciality of Raclette.

We had a chill morning skiing then we headed back to the chalet at lunch as Cara’s sister Hebe was going to join us from Edinburgh for the last half of the week. Both Cara and Hebe hadn’t been skiing in 3 years but they were on another level to me. Partly because I feel like I’m gonna die 50% of the time and partly because I weigh about the same as a 12 year old so I have no hope at getting up any speed.

We came in from skiing a bit early in order to nap and mentally prepare ourselves for the cheese feast that night. The restaurant we chose was just across the road from the chalet so we could literally roll home through the snow and the end of the night. The walk over was only a hop over the road but walking through the thick snowfall was so magical so we made the most of it.

Once we were all seated and drinks (wine and ridiculously coloured cocktails) ordered we tried to look like we were thinking about what to order but really we all knew the only thing to go for was the Raclette. Raclette is basically just heating up cheese until its melting off the piece and then sliding it in the most food porny way onto a plate of potatoes, meats and pickles. Its honestly the nicest thing I’ve eaten in a while and I curse my childs stomach for not letting me eat more. Our table had a half wheel of Raclette cheese on a Raclette instrument (don’t think that’s the right word) for each half of the table and it’s safe to say we made the most of that wheel! I’ll admit that I was quite cocky at the start of the meal, claiming that I could eat loads but after 2 plates I was done and I let Cara, Teife and Mark (guy from the other group) absolutely destroy the cheese game.

Once we were stuffed full to the brim of cheese and happy that we had got our monies worth, we shuffled home through the snow which was still falling in massive thick snowflakes.


The group awoke to a ‘cheese hangover’ as Cara had warned us and the thought of any food, let alone a full English was unbearable. We got out onto the slopes a tad later than usual that day but we did all have a good few pounds of extra cheese weight. Weirdly at lunch I managed to share a ham and cheese crepe with Teife quite happily, washed down with a Gluhwein of course.

We found some really good pistes to try and I think Thursday was probably my favourite day of the week because my boots had finally been broken in and didn’t stop the circulation to my feet anymore so I could fully enjoy the skiing and the views.


Friday was everyone’s last day skiing and I could only ski until midday so we started by skiing and catching lifts up to the highest point on the map for one last Gluhwein. In our gondola, Cara and I spoke to a really sweet French family. Well really Cara spoke to them and I stared until she translated the gobbledygook/French for me. To prove to the French people I wasn’t a complete idiot I told them the little French I know; Bonjour, je m’appelle… and of course the classic Voulez-vous coucher avec moi. The 13 year old boy had a right laugh at that and loved but I don’t think his parents were too pleased I’d just solicited their teenage son in a gondola.

I came down off the mountain quite reluctantly but quite fast as Cara and I wanted to see if we could get our top speed and average speed up on our YUGE app. I managed a cool 60.8km/h with an average speed of 20.5km/h which I blame on being stopped with a Gluhwein in my hand for half the holiday.

Cara with aforementioned goblet of Gluhwein

I had already packed everything up so it was just a case of drying off my ski boots and catching my transfer down the mountain. The transfer was about 3 hours and quite bearable since I had a load of stuff downloaded on Netflix (best invention of my life) and I basically just zombied out. The problems started when I was dropped off at Geneva airport and started to look for my hotel which was advertised as being right next to the airport… it was not. After lugging my massive case all round Geneva airport with no hotel help desk in sight I went back outside only to spot my hotel. It was opposite the airport, with a motorway and dual carriageway in between. Apparently a free shuttle bus was meant to run from the airport but that was nowhere in sight and my call to the hotel failed as the receptionist didn’t speak any English or just didn’t understand my stressed out northern accent. I took this time to have a slight breakdown about being on my own in a completely foreign country, not being able to speak the language just thinking I’m not adult enough for this!!! Luckily google saved me and I managed to scramble onto a bus and follow some people with suitcases until I finally made it into my hotel.

I enjoyed the shower big enough for like 5 people and my first night in a double bed since Christmas and settled in for my 10 minutes of sleep.


Not sure if I can count Friday and Saturday as 2 days because I only slept about 4 hours between them but anyway I was up ridiculously early to catch my flight back to Munich from Geneva. The airport wasn’t too stressful and they had about 500 people working on security so I whizzed through. The flight home was only 50 minutes and I was enjoying the views of snow covered mountains until I accidentally fell asleep. True to my pattern of the trip of being a mess, I woke myself with a snort/snore which startled the poor guy next to me.

Once I was back on home soil and on the s bahn I felt all the stress of the journey melt away. I’m glad I can now return to Munich and really feel like I’m going ‘home’. I’ve really grown here and been through a few changes in my life so I can feel that Munich is always going to be an important place for me. Hopefully I can stay and continue to grow and have all sorts of adventures here in the future.

I started this post on the train home and now I’m finishing it back home a few days later, in my true blogging form. All in all skiing was just amazing and just what I needed. To spend a week with Cara, who is the one person who really knows what its like to be in my situation was so lovely and now I can’t wait to be back at Easter and see all my fav people and most importantly drop it aaalll night in fax.


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