Another week, another blog and this time my dad Pete finally has one of his own! A few weeks ago I received a very random facetime from my dad in which he told me he and his friend Lee were coming to visit and go skiing in just 3 weeks. So yet again I was host and tour guide for Munich. The plan was to have a few days in the city and have a day skiing in the resort nearby which is really a fab idea because you get a city break and a mini ski holiday in just one weekend.


The pair were due to arrive in Munich at around 2 so the plan was to meet them in Hauptbahnhof and help them find and sort out their airbnb. I found them quite easily as my Dad was the only ginger person, apart from me, for miles around (we are a rare breed here). It turned out their airbnb was right next to the Theresienwiese which is where Oktoberfest is held so I am lowkey an expert of the area.

We decided to have the most stereotypical and classic night in Munich so we went to Hofbrauhaus for dinner. All was going well until we were joined on our table by a raggedy looking German guy who seemed like he should have been trying to con us out of money or a beer or something but he wasn’t very good at it. He was rambling away about not having any money or a job then he’d randomly switch to a completely different story. At one point he got his guitar case out and showed us an onion he had apparently stolen before and then started cringingly playing us a song. This got the attention if the Hofbrauhaus security which I’ve never seen before and I didn’t even know was a thing. Turns out he hadn’t paid for his beer so he got chucked out. We had another beer in the brau haus next to Dad and Lee’s airbnb then I headed home on the train, which is always fun when you’re half cut.


I had my German class in the morning which meant that I avoided going on the free walking tour of Munich with Dad and Lee for the 5th time since I’ve been here. They also wanted to visit the BMW Museum which I’ve also been on and lowkey wouldn’t recommend unless you’re actually into cars which I guess is obvious but whatever. This meant that I could sneak in a cheeky post class nap before meeting up with them for tea.

I took them to Hans im Gluck which I’ve mentioned before on this blog but its honestly one of my favourite lunch/cocktail spots in the city. As per, my visitors were v v impressed with not only the burgers but also the design of the place. The name Hans im Gluck comes from a German fairytale so the restaurants are filled with real birch logs so it feels like a forest in there. There’s always a really nice chilled vibe in there and all of the waiting staff are 8+ and look like asos models.

After our burger feast we had a quick beer in a local Augustiner which is actually where I stole my stein from and its also the oldest brewery in Munich. I thought I should try a strong beer as it is stark bier season and it was actually quite nice but I could definitely see how the monks could live on just that over lent. I picked up my stash of crumpets, chocolate and crisps and went home for an early night before skiing in the morning.


I’m sure Dad and Lee would rather have got to the mountains the night before and woken up already on the piste but I managed to convince them to hold on for a bit longer. We chose the 8am train to get there for the first lift at 9 so I was up ridiculously early to get to Hauptbahnhof and get our tickets. Luckily the train ride was really relaxing and had great views of the Alps.

Once there we swapped our train tickets for ski passes, picked up our ski stuff and were on a gondola up to the pistes within 30 minutes of getting off the train. I really found that after my previous week in France skiing it was so much easier to get back into it and I could definitely feel that I’ve gained a lot of muscle #gains. It took Dad and Lee a few runs down a nice wide blue to get back into it but soon we were ready to explore the other side of the mountain. Of course after an hour I was ready for my usual skiing 11am Gluhwein which really loosened me up ready to try some reds which were quite challenging or ‘tasty’ as Dad likes to call them. Soon it was time for lunch and Dad and Lee were tiring a bit so we carbed up on pasta which really had the adverse effect to be honest.

In the afternoon I was ready to really go for it and I even managed to lap Dad and Lee down a run twice! Garmisch is a lot bigger than I expected and we didn’t even make it to another nearby mountain called the Zugspitze which is Germany’s highest mountain. I’ll definitely be going back but probably next season as there’s only a few more weeks of this season. I’m still sure that my kid will be a million times better and faster than me but I can go every week for free so I’ll take that opportunity!

Before we headed back to the city, me and the lads went for some apres at a classic little place which was pumping out Schlager music and Pommes all over the place. The train ride home was a lot shorter as we all ended up falling asleep for the whole journey home. We freshened up at the airbnb before heading out again for tea.

We went to a really nice traditioanl Bavarian place me Mum and Dad found when they visited in November. Me and Lee both had schnitzels which were about the size of my face but gorgeous and dad had pork steak on a bed of kasespatzle which is basically german mac and cheese. The food was amazing, as per, but we were all nearly falling asleep by the time we were finished so decided to call it a night. We parted ways in Hauptbahnhof and said goodbye for the last time as their flight was early the next morning and I was confident that they could find their way to the airport without ending up in Austria or worse… France.

Phew blog finished and only a whole week after the actual content! This week has been interesting to say the least. I restarted my new language course which is a level up from before and the level that I need to work and study here. For me that’s such a motivation to do really well and make the most of the classes, and they have become a lot more challenging which I’m really enjoying. Another nice thing is that there are some new people in my class so I’ve been becoming closer to them and closer to the other au pairs. It’s so nice to have people here who are having a similar experience to me and can offer another point of view. On the other hand I am homesick like crazy for my friends back home and I can’t wait to be home with everyone at Easter!



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