So I know I haven’t yet posted my Easter blog but I’m halfway through and I’m on 3000 words so I think I deserve a break from it. Anyway,  last weekend was unexpectedly eventful for me so I decided to get a blog written while I’m motivated and actually doing things. I also have to dedicate this blog to my new friend Maureen who I promise isn’t an old Polish woman I hang out with…well. No Maureen is new to my language class and its safe to say we equally encourage and distract each other. Shes 27 and comes from San Jose, California so shes obviously one of those liberal hippies ugh! Usually we don’t mind our age gap but often one of us will say something and the other either wasn’t alive at that time or they have no idea what they mean. Case in point: I asked what JNCO jeans were and Maureen’s mind exploded. But in the end, shes awesome and introduced me to some lovely people and some cool stuff (like food truck friday). Check out our aggressively matching clothes on our matching insta:

My weekend started with an interesting German lesson without my usual buddy Maureen. She had done the unspeakable and left me with our class of Russian mafia matriarchs, housewives, au pairs and Enzo- our only male member of class who somehow can’t read or form a complete sentence of German but is still in a B2 course, and yet we still love him and his funky array of glasses.

Later in the evening I met up with Maureen to check out food truck Friday which I have been looking forward to for weeks since I missed the last one.  Food truck Friday only happens on the first Friday of the month and its basically a gathering of a load of food trucks from all over Munich which gives you a wide choice of food to enjoy. The trucks there included; BBQ, indian, thai, vegan, Ethiopian and loads more. I got a pulled turkey roll which was heaven in a bun tbh. After my turkey indulgence I decided to try and redeem myself with a vegan smoothie which didn’t go well…. First off the guy who served me told me it was ‘wild herbs, pineapple and some other stuff’ and as soon as I took my first sip I realised the ‘other stuff’ must have been grass, dirt and a sprinkle of leaves. You may think I’m exaggerating but I legit had to pull multiple stalks of grass out of my mouth. Safe to say my vegan dreams aren’t gonna happen anytime soon.

My pulled turkey heaven in a bun

After my disastrous dip into veganism we were off to a café/bookshop in the university quarter of the city called Lost Weekend for a jazz open mic night which is probably the coolest thing I’ve done in a while. The atmosphere in the place was so open and modern and the band was amazing. They started out playing all sorts of music then they invited people up onto the stage to play with them. It felt like a massive jam session that we all got to enjoy and watch. My favourite person to go up was a guy called Echo who was about late 40s but rocking a half un-buttoned Hamish-style visually assaulting shirt. He skatted for a full 5 minutes and jammed with the band for a bit before stepping off the stage and walking through the crowd like a hipster sweaty af jesus. After him was a violinist, French horn, saxophone and 2 impossibly cute Irish twins singing.

Saturday was the first day in a week that was goodish weather so Maureen, Brooke and I decided to go for a hike in the nearby mountains. Of course, our hike would be a Kardashian style ‘hike’ which was light in physical activity but heavy in Instagram opportunities. We chose a Freilichtmuseum just near to Garmisch mainly because there was goat petting advertised in the hiking handbook. A Freilichtmuseum is like an open-air museum and this particular one was a recreation of a farming settlement from 1700-1900 so you could walk inside all the houses and see how the farmers of Bavaria used to live.

One of the less creepy houses

It was cool to explore the settlement but inside the houses with all the old furniture and belongings of the people that lived there were creepy af and definitely haunted. Luckily Maureen knows some Wiccan spells and her supernatural skills have been proven to get rid of spirits so we all good. Apart from the creepy houses (legit human hair in one, framed) there were some gorgeous views of the rolling Bavarian hills with Kochelsee below us and the mountains framing the view all around us. It really made me appreciate that I live in such a beautiful place and we are so lucky to live close to such a vibrant city and then be able to escape to open natural spaces in under an hour.

Once we had been sufficiently haunted we drove down to the lake to find a beer garden for some replenishment then headed back home, pumping the throwback tunes all the way.


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