Easter 2017- Clubbing, concussions and chips

So throwback to Easter time! I started writing this blog on the flight back from England nearly 3 weeks ago now and got sick of it tbh. Since most of you who read this were with me for most of the events it should be funny to be reminded of the crazy, roller coaster ride that is my life. This blog is crazy long so I’m just gonna do highlights of the 2 weeks.


The first Saturday of the Easter holidays was my first night out in nearly 3 months and I definitely was not ready. Two porn star martini pitchers in spoons and I was ready to go. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t remember much of Atik apart from getting down hard with literally everyone from Crossleys and going back to ‘old habits’ (you know what I mean).

The next morning I woke up; as usual; in Ely’s bed absolutely DEAD. For the first time in 2 years I had a not-so-tactical chunder which I hope to never relive. My excuse is that I hadn’t been out in so long that my body had become a lightweight but in my mind, I still needed the same amount of drinks. Ed came and woke us up at 2pm ready to take us to Nandos for a much-needed catch up. This then led to the lowest point in my life in which I chobbed in Nandos toilet. Ed was way too amused by my awful state but I guess that came back to bite him at Cara’s birthday night out…

With my chicken and creamy mash left untouched, we moved on to Costa which finally revived me. The rest of the day we spent on a mini road trip around fax in the panda, exploring beacon hill (nearly getting blown away) and blasting Bublé.


The next Monday Mum, Trin and I decided to have a gals day; shopping, food and beauty and the beast! Admittedly I went a tad overboard with the shopping, having not seen Primark for over 3 months. I bought all the summer clothes (not realising it was currently snowing back in Munich at the time) and even a new suitcase which was an absolutely vital purchase obviously. After shopping we headed to the cinema and stopped on the way to jump on the year-old hype and try Five Guys. I must say it’s not too shabby but defo not as good as Hans im Gluck. Next stop was beauty and the beast time and omg it was even better the second time around. If I could add emojis to this, know that I would put about 5 heart eyes here! Of course we had to get them Disney songs on BLAST the whole drive home and we discovered there no better feeling than to roll up next to a car with bass pumping out only to roll down the windows and hit them with ‘Under the Sea’.


The next Friday was my next night out, albeit an accidental one. I feel victim to the classic ‘few drinks in spoons’ routine which ended up with a night in Atik. The night was going well until some wannabe DJ decided to show his ‘mad skills’ which basically involved him completely stopping the music and turning off all the lights every other minute to ‘build tension’ and then playing 10 seconds of a good song. This DJ also randomly played some robotic voice shouting ‘Atik systems reboot, system check’ which is really not my favourite thing to dance to but I guess it would be exciting for the 16 year olds crammed in there on their first night out. Another great injustice in Atik that night was the appearance of some random gogo dancers and a guy playing neon lighted bongos. First of all, me and half the girls in fax would have got up on that stage and done a much better job than those girls for free!! The neon bongo drum man I respect, he was never on beat with the song playing but at least he looked like he was having a good time.


So Easter Sunday and naturally we were feeling spiritual and religious af in our household… We were on our way to Vicky’s house to see her new place and have a brew, cruising through the village when mum slams on the brakes and screams “get that egg!!”. I look around and there’s an Easter egg perched on a wall at the side of the road. I ran over and grabbed it and found that it was from a church just down the road. The note on the egg said take this egg and enjoy because jebus is alive or something- we gave it to Vicky as we would probably burn up if we had it.

Me and Trin with our found Easter egg

The next day was Easter Monday so we were all off again. The only thing left on my English food bucket list for this trip was fish and chips which I could get easily like 10 minutes from my door but no, if I’m gonna come 900 miles for fish and chips, I want proper seaside fish and chips. So, we had a road trip down to Llandudno, Wales for some seaside fun! By the time we got there, we were starving so we dived into the nearest greasy spoon caf and had our fish and chips with a brew. Afterwards we hit the arcades to live our Tipping Point dreams on the 2p machines and celebrated our eventual £2 loss with some hot fresh donuts to top off the day.

Baguleys in Llandudno

The following Wednesday I was ready for another night out and of course I had to hit Hudds while I was back. It ended up being Lewis, Cara (follow her blog http://www.carryoncara.wordpress.com), Ed, Ely and me. We met up in spoons which was hosting some random song-bingo thing (I have no idea) which we got waaay too into and didn’t even win. After our not-so-gracious defeat, we moved on to Tokes for some 90p drinks. The night was pretty much, getting down as many 90p drinks as we could before they got expensive again, meeting everyone from Crossleys and judging contoured girls wearing ridiculous dresses and drag queen quality heels (take that as a read if you will). The night ended, as it always should, with me cradling a box of 20 nuggets, stumbling down Ely’s road, whining about life.


So now for the re-telling of the best night out of the holiday… Cara’s birthday. The night began with me getting ready at Ely’s and walking him through my professional and very well thought out make up routine. My makeup was definitely improved by the mix of white wine, archers and lemonade I was drinking (all mixed together, how am I still alive?!). Luckily we made it to Cara’s in time for champagne for prinks and we ended up being the first into acca (not a proud achievement).
Once in acca I took full advantage of the 75p drinks, after living with 9 Euro vodka cokes in Munich and was just about gone by 10:30pm. At this point Ed lowkey died and was the most affectionate he’s ever been to me and basically anyone who got too close. After a few songs of literally propping Ed up on the dancefloor we started to go outside and gather the squad to move on to Atik. I left Ed hunched over, held up by a bollard and lost track of him until later when Ely told me that him and one of Cara’s friends had taken him back to Cara’s.

With my European buddy!

On the way to Atik I had the fab idea of taking my heels off but luckily Natalie saved me from catching a dodgy foot disease and started carrying me. All was going well until Lewis decided to tackle Natalie which slammed us both to the ground and caused me to hit my head on the pavement hard. Luckily the 4-6 archers and lemonade I’d had meant I felt almost nothing and sprung up instantly. Despite the question of if I had concussion or not, we carried on into Atik with Lewis begging forgiveness and offering drinks in return for my destroyed brain cells. We made it into Atik and I headed to Cara’s booth for that free bottle of vodka yaaas. Admittedly, this is where I’m fuzzy in my memory but I mainly remember dancing downstairs and ‘making friends with’ Americans. My next memory is a few hours later ‘saying goodbye’ to the Americans and then walking back home with Ely.

I woke up the next morning quite proud of the previous night’s events and the fact that I drank so much and didn’t seem to have a hangover. It was at this time that I discovered the effects of my fall which included bruises on my elbow, arm and my whole lower leg and a lump on my head which so far hasn’t caused any noticeable damage so I’m not gonna think about. I said goodbye to Ely until summer (OKTOBERFEST!!) and headed home to sleep for another 6 hours.

Sunday was my last full day so I rounded off my visit with a day with the family. This was the day I was most looking forward to as I would finally get to have my Auntie Carol’s famous Sunday roast. It was A M A Z I N G. Roast potatoes, Yorkshires, mash, cabbage, carrots, beef, pork and most importantly gravy! I really need to learn how to make Yorkshire puddings and gravy so I can show Mimi and the family the most heavenly food on this planet. My holiday was finally completed by a visit from Paige and Vicky in the evening, who I’m hopefully travelling with when I visit the fam in New Zealand for Christmas!

Phew! As you can tell from the 1600 words, Easter was a packed time but extremely fun and lovely to see everyone again. I’ve discovered I like being back in England for short burst but after a week or so I’m really ready to come ‘home’ back to Germany which is a nice feeling even if it does freak my mum out. I’ve been home about a month now and so far my possible concussion hasn’t caused any problems, that I’m aware of, so Lewis and Natalie can be glad they didn’t kill me! Shoutout to Ed and Cara who right now are on their way to Thailand for their Asian adventure until August. I’m sure they’ll have an amazing time and Cara should come back with some awesome blog stories (and hopefully some killer German skills); Ed should just come back alive please!












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