Mothers Visit: Part 2

Mothers Visit: Part 2

Welcome back to Mothers Visit: part 2, second edition. So I typed this whole blog up on Friday but just as I had completed my 1200 word masterpiece, my laptop decided to crash and delete the whole thing. In short, I rage quit from the blog for a few days but after a weekend of reflection and cursing my laptop I’m ready to start again. I’m actually typing this on the train right now, looking like a maniac again typing like my life depends on it. I’m also saving this document every 2 seconds just in case so hopefully today is the day I finally post this.



After our early start the previous morning, we decided to have a lie in followed by a leisurely breakfast before heading out to see Nymphenburg palace. The palace was used as the summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria and its situated quite close to the city centre. For some reason I thought it would be an hour or so out of the city, like most of the other castles and palaces round here, but no its literally a tram ride away. I had already seen some instagrams of people skating on the frozen lake and canals at the front of the palace but when we went the ice was looking a tad dodgy. We walked up to the palace along the canal which was infested by blood thirsty looking swans and geese. It is very impressive from the end of the canal and defo reminds me of somewhere some snooty woman from 4 weddings would get married at.

Totally candid walk up to Nymphenburg Palace

We paid our 9 Euros and started the tour of the castle. Inside its filled with the usual European castle stuff like fancy frescos, strange fabric wallpaper and uncomfortable looking furniture. We had a nice wander round the palace gardens to get our steps in and watched some mental people skate on the lake then headed back into the city to grab some lunch. I took mum to one of my favourite lunch places near Marienplatz which serves pizza by the slice and has the beest pizza/cocktail deal.




On the way home we made the ill-advised decision to pop into dm (a super cheap makeup/toiletry store which is my fav place in the whole city). The plan was to just get me some face wipes and leave but in the end we left with a bag full of makeup, toiletries, and a mirror randomly; all for just 20 Euros. Bargain!

step count: 18806



Sunday began with another leisurely morning in which we planned the day ahead. One of my favourite sights in the city is the surfers who surf on a natural wave in the Eisbach at the edge of the English Garden. With it being -1 degrees out, Mum didn’t believe that they could still be surfing so we set off to find out.

Of course I was right and there were loads of people looking cold in wet suits waiting to surf. If anything there was the same amount of surfers there as there was when it was 28 degrees in summer. After about 15 minutes of watching and taking some quick snaps we moved on to get inside somewhere and get warm. Just a tram ride away is the Deutsches Museum so we headed there.

The Deutsches Museum is basically like the Manchester museum of science and industry but with a million other exhibits on a million different topics. When we got in we were just in time to see a presentation on electrical power where they have all electrical stuff that looks like stuff in a power plant and they jump electricity from one metal thing to another to create lightening. Obviously from that pathetic explanation I don’t really know much about this but we thought it would be cool to watch. They told us it was going to be quite loud so me and mum were prepared and didn’t really react to the sound because it was just like loud electrical buzzing. Weirdly all the Germans watching with us were really affected by it and all were covering their ears and wincing. Not even just kids, grown adults were covering their ears like that one lame kid that’s scared of fireworks. So weird. The rest of the museum was really interesting but slightly too much. After we had trudged round 3 floors we were mentally and physically drained so we headed back to Marienplatz to get some lunch. I will say though if any of my physics peps come and visit, I’ll definitely take them back there because their nerdy selves would love it!

So we were looking for somewhere to have lunch in Marienplatz (my second home) and I finally had the opportunity to take Mum to Hans im Gluck, a burger restaurant which is my first choice for any lunch date or meetup. Their burgers are to die for and they even have really nice veggie and vegan burgers which is a miracle in Germany! Mum enjoyed her visit but she was highly offended when the waiter came to serve us and asked if we were American, lol.
step count: 12512



Monday was Mums last day and she was due to leave for the airport just after midday so we decided to just have a chill brunch and a stroll round the Olympiaeinkaufszentrum before she had to go. We stored her suitcase (with some struggle) in a locker in Hauptbahnhof and set off on my old usual u bahn to the shopping centre. We had a bit of a wander round and even managed to go into dm without buying anything which has never happened in the history of dm visits. We stopped at Richarts for some brunch. I had a Flammkuchen which is like a super crispy thin pizza but with cream cheese, chives and bacon bits on top and mum ordered tomato soup, not something I’ve ever thought to order in Germany. When it came it looked like a red cappuccino but one all the froth was mixed in it was actually quite nice. We passed the time chatting and people watching; our 2 favourite pastimes. Soon it was time to head back to Hauptbahnhof and for us to say goodbye. Our goodbyes aren’t too sad anymore because we’re both back and forth between England and Germany anyway so its never long until we see each other again.


Phew so blog finished! This is definitely the longest its taken me to write a blog but think it was worth it. Just as a round up; today I picked up my ski stuff before I set off to meet Cara and her parents in France for our ski trip! It’s gonna be such a good week, partly because of the daily free afternoon tea in our chalet but partly because it’ll be so good to spend some time with Cara as shes the only person I know from home who’s doing this living abroad thing so she understands all the positives but also all the negatives. We can cry about missing Walkers crisps and Cadburys together! Look forward to a blog about our European adventures in a few weeks!!

Mothers Visit

Mothers Visit

Once again I had a visit from my semi-retired Mother and once again I blasted through a load of tourist activities which are on my doorstep 24/7 but only seem to get done if I have people here to show them to. Obviously we had a fab time and I’m sure it will all make a very amusing blog for my friends slumming it at uni, to my mums work friends at DSU who are probably wondering where she disappears to every other weekend!

Strange side note: Recently I’ve randomly become obsessed with a pedometer app called Pacer which tracks how many steps you take during a day. I’ve got mum onto it so the weekend was partly taken up with this obsession. Therefore, there will be a step count at the end of each day for the blogs for this weekend because we bloody smashed it ngl.


Thursday started off just as usual, I got up mid-morning and whizzed round my room to tidy up a bit before Mother arrived that evening. Mimi had hockey in the afternoon which is my intense studying hour with occasional breaks to watch German kids run about with hockey sticks flying all over the place. After this Oma took us to the train station to pick Mum up. She made her way all the way from the airport to my station all on her own with only a tiny s bahn map I was given last August on my language course; I was v impressed. Oma tried a bit of English but she struggled a bit so I took over translating between them. This was the first time Mum had heard me speaking properly to a real German and apparently I sounded quite convincing. Unfortunately, Mimi chose this time to start correcting my German and show me up… thanks gal!

Oma dropped us back home and I immediately began the house tour. Mum unloaded her case and presented me with my England care package; a pack of 240 teabags, custard creams, a chocolate orange, a multi pack of walkers crisps and a pack of creme eggs. Later on my host parents took us out for a meal at a traditional Bavarian beer hall where we had schnitzels bigger than our faces and a cheeky Radler.

Step count: 8686


We were up super early on Friday for our 9am tour to Neuschwanstein castle. We grabbed some pastries Opa had bought and set off for the bahnhof. Of course the one day we had to be somewhere on time, the first ever German train delay happened. We made it to the tour group 10 minutes late and I was stressing that they would have left without us. But no. The train to Neuschwanstein was leaving in an hour and we didn’t even need to be there yet. The tour guide suggested we get a coffee and something for the train journey so obviously everyone piled into Starbucks but me being a savvy/scrimping teenager had already sussed out the cheapest coffee place where they even leave out the syrup pump things so you can get a coffee for 1.50 Euros then go cray with the pumps and make your own vanilla/hazelnut/caramel, teeth rotting (but very affordable) drink. We then picked up some extra mini maps for mother (not like she’s got a map and 2 map apps on her phone) and then got on our train.

The 2-hour train journey took us through the Bavarian foothills and stopped just at the base of the mountains. Throughout the journey the tour guide told us the story of King Ludwig 2nd who built Neuschwanstein castle. I’ve already been before with my summer language course and I wrote a blog about it then if you want to have a lil throwback read. Even so it’s still a very interesting story and it was so lovely to see the caste and its surroundings in the snow.

We started off in a café at the bottom of the road up to the castle so obvs I had to grab a cheeky gluhwein to prepare from the 2km hike up. Once we had reached the castle at the top of the hill (accidental Ed Sheeran reference?!) we had selfie opportunities galore! The views from the top of the mountain are incredible so obviously we needed to have our faces in the middle of it to commemorate the trip. Selfie session finished, we headed back down to the small village at the bottom of the hill and found the lake that I had sunbathed next to in the summer was now completely frozen. A dilemma began immediately with me wanting to walk on the ice but mother insisting I’d fall in. In total I think she said ‘don’t do it’ 3 times before she said ‘nahh go on it’ll be funny’. What a good influence… but it did make a good photo opp.

Walking on Alpsee

Soon it was time to head back on the train home but for some reason it felt like it took about 500 hours and the train was like -5 degrees for no reason so by the time we made it home we were hungry, exhausted and cold. Perfect time for a takeaway! We settled in my cosy au pair room for the evening and I wrote up my notes for this blog. We also had the opportunity to sort out Mum’s New Zealand blog which she’ll hopefully start writing soon… Me being the blogging expert, I was commissioned to sort out the layout of her blog and basically show her how to use it. However, me being blog obsessed, I quickly got distracted and jealous at how amazing I had made her blog look. So I abandoned my project and began pimping up my own blog page. I’d highly recommend checking it out on a laptop or computer instead of on your phone because I’m honestly so proud of it. I’ve now got a swanky new design, a menu bar with links to categories of different types of blogs I’ve written and even social media links. I probably shouldn’t be so excited about something so trivial but I just find it SO COOL.

step count: 14474

I’m gonna finish up this blog here, partly because it’s over a thousand words and partly because I’ve been writing this throughout Mimi’s hockey lesson and she’s nearly done. This was just 2 days of mums 5 day visit so the rest of the weekend and Monday will be posted in a few days. As I’ve been writing this I’ve been getting major side-eye from the mums sat around me… maybe because I’m furiously typing away and occasionally stopping to take a snapchat. Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll be back with another instalment of Heather’s crazy German adventure soon!

Munich to Fax to Munich again!

So I haven’t blogged in over a month… I’m no Goop but I guess I don’t have various minions to write my life up like Gwen does. This month has been jam packed with reunions, parties, shots, more shots…too many shots! Anyway I’ll try not to go too crazy and get all this in one blog!

The end of December meant the end of my time with my first host family which was bittersweet because I had such a good time with them but I really knew it was time for me to move on. I’ll definitely be visiting them again soon as I’ve forgotten to bring a stash of teabags and I can feel the withdrawal symptoms kicking in already.

I left for the airport with my bag literally stuffed to the point of bursting open with Christmas presents, its a wonder I made it through security with that; partly because of the military grade glow stick Erwin gave me for Teds present! I arrived back in Manchester to a massive hug from Vicky and an empty house; perfect.

Eventually I managed to convince Ted to leave his own personal heaven in the Barraclough/Wells household and join me back home in order to put up the Christmas decs. By this time the rest of the Baguley clan was still in NZ so it was left to me and Ted to Christmassify the house. Thankfully Apollo had also returned to help us with the festivities (big thanks to John, Collin and Rufus for looking after him!).

The rest of the fam was due back from NZ on the Friday night but they seemed to set off 2 whole days before so I had a weird few days of whatsapping Mum while she was in the sky, being waited on hand and foot, given unlimited food and complaining about it all the way! After 127 hours in the air the Baguley family were finally all in the same country and back together. Of course I received the usual bone-crushing hug from every member of the NZ crew and they all claimed cockily that they didn’t have jetlag… we’ll see.

Saturday meant Christmas Eve with our next door neighbours, probably my favourite part of Christmas. Its a cosy, chilled night in front of the fire eating, chatting, playing games, and more eating. We have a whole spread of food like homemade bread rolls, a whole ham (yaaaas) and just omg I could write a whole blog just on the food there tbh. At midnight we had to head home in time for Santa and because the ‘non jetlagged’ travellers were tired.

Christmas morning began promptly at 9am… for me. The rest of the fam finally managed to get up at 10 and Ted had to practically be dragged out of bed. I remember the days I’d be the one dragged out at 8am with Ted and Trin squealing at the living room door but I think I prefer this chilled Christmas. Trin took chilled Christmas a step further when she fell asleep while unwrapping a present (still not jetlagged of course). We spent Christmas day at John and Colins and enjoyed a fabulous Christmas dinner before heading to the Barraclough/Wells house so Ted could get some time in with his bae ;).

Soon it was time for mother to return to work after her 27267 day break. Unfortunately this was when her jet lag finally started to kick in so the lovey people at DSU would have to survive a few more days without their cackling, annual leave queen.

As for me I made my return to fax Thursday which many people tried to tel me ‘wasn’t a thing’ but for sure it was. I even enjoyed a short stint in Acca where I saw literally everyone from Crossleys which is always my fav part of going out in fax. Its a bit like having a big house party reunion but out in town. Of course I had to end the night with Ely which usually is a nice chilled end to the night apart from this time he decided to drop me on our way home as he carried me along his road. I wouldn’t mind but only a few weeks ago Erwin dropped me also carrying me home from the club so I’m starting to wonder if the men in my life have it out for me!

A few days later it was time to return back down the treacherous path to Ely’s house for nye! Probably one of the craziest new years I’ve had but definitely one of the best. Ely’s family got us playing some random, sometimes frustrating games which were just an excuse to get as many shots down us as possible. The night ended with Hamish passed out on a sofa and Ely dying in a bathroom, both obviously not affected by the special cookies they had earlier in the night. I gave in to my loved up drunken self and awkwardly facetimed Erwin speaking what I thought was fluent German which really turned out to be gibberish.

After nye I was ready for a few days of chilling out, being woken every morning by a cup of tea brought to my room at 11 with the suggestion that I should probably get up soon by Dad. However the idea of one last night out roused me from my bed and got me in the mood to drink too many shots and dance like a mad person. I have to admit Friday in fax was better than the last Thursday partly because the new upstairs of liquid was open and that 70s dancefloor gave me liiiife. I knew I was drunker than usual because we ended up in Dixy chicken at the end of the night and I threw down my apple pay for a load of peri chips for me Ely, Ham and whoever else was lucky enoough to catch my new generous drunken state. Safe to say I woke up not feeling too clever the next morning…

Sunday meant saying goodbye to the fam once again but also saying hello to my new host family! I’ve been with them 4 days now and I’ve settled in really well. I can already tell being with a German family is gonna be the best thing for me as I’m always around German and have plenty of people to practise with. My new language course couldn’t be better as well and I already feel like I’m improving and feeling more natural with my conversations. Overall I’m in such a good place and the only thing I need now is to see Erwin again as I haven’t seen him in 4 weeks!


Gluhwein and chill…

I’ve got a nice brew next to me, I’m wrapped up in my blanket and got my Christmas playlist on and I’m ready to make a confession. My name is Heather Baguley and I’m addicted to Christmas markets…

As you’re probably very much aware we are fast approaching Christmas and of course that means shopping and eating a ridiculous amount of indulgent food. Here in Munich the streets are buzzing and the Kaufhofs are all chocka with Germans strutting about looking way too organised and chill, ever the efficient people. To add to the festive feeling the temperature here has dropped dramatically so whenever you go outside it feels as if you’ve stepped out onto a vast mountain top about to ski the day away. It does add a bit of magic to each morning when you look out of the window and see all of the trees turned into snow white skeletons and the roofs of the houses covered with a soft blanket of frost. Of course a frost such as this would cause utter chaos in England but here in Germany they know not to lose their minds at a bit of cold weather.

For the first year ever I’m actually organised with my Christmas shopping, partly because of my slight addiction to the markets but also due to the fact that I have plenty of my own money to spend which I have been saving up from my au pair wages. I had requests from Mother for a real German nutcracker and a request from Ted to bring back as much intel from the German army as possible. Lets just say the only intel I have so far is that they mix their prinks bloody strong! But that’s another story for another blog 😉

Anyway the Christkindl markets opened in Munich the weekend I was in Southampton and I had a night out with Erwin and the soldiers last weekend so this week was the first chance I had to have my first visit. My plan was to have a look around in daylight and find the best stalls and clock what I wanted to buy, then come back in the evening when all the lights are on and have a cheeky Gluhwein with Sarah.

Munich Christmas tree next to my fav u bahn

Now this sounds super weird and cheesy but I’ve had some of my best moments in Munich on the escalators in Marienplatz. I remember the first time me and mum came to Munich last November, when we came up those escalators and saw Marienplatz for the first time we were both amazed by the majesty and beauty of the Rathaus and Marienplatz as a whole. That was the moment I fell in love with Munich and knew I had to be here. Over a year later I had the same feeling coming up and seeing the market all set up and buzzing with the massive Christmas tree looming over it all next to the Rathaus. The sounds, smells and colours hit me all at once and I fell in love again.

As you walk through the market you’re hit by the sickly scent of Gluhwein on one side, then a whack of Bratwurst and Senf on the other side. The stalls are crammed with stuff ranging from tree ornaments to candles to Brotzeit boards and every other Christmas/German/crafty thing you can think of. Unlike British markets, the German markets sprawl all over the city and come in every possible variety. There’s the classic market in the centre, a craft market, food market, vegan/vegetarian market and even a gay market called the ‘Pink Markt’. There are clumps of markets all through the city and all round the edges and in between the clumps there are Gluhwein stands and food stands to sustain you for the next bout of shopping.

Much like Oktoberfest the markets attract thousands of tourists but it still feels authentic and traditional. Most of the locals visit the markets and do their shopping there and most of the store owners speak German to you outright and once they know you can speak German they appreciate it and stick with it. My favourite stall is run by an old married couple who sell wooden Brotzeit boards and other wooden knick knacks. They hand carve all of the boards and make each one new when you buy it. I bought a board for my dad and another thing which is a surprise and certain avid readers of this blog cant know about… mother. I should explain Brotzeit is like a German snack time where they have a board of cured meats, cheeses and bread. Having lived here for 3 months I’m a big fan of the ol’ Brotzeit.

Gluhwein boot mugs (I went for the amaretto Gluhwein obvs)

Another fav pastime is Gluhwein! There must be hundreds if not thousands of Gluhwein stalls in the city and each one has a different type of mug on offer. My favourite are the boot mugs which are a bit more expensive at 3.50 Euros instead of the usual 3 Euros. Like in England you pay an extra deposit on the mugs which you can get back if you give the mug in. Here we have this deposit or ‘Pfand’ for all plastic bottles you buy in shops so you can recycle an empty plastic bottle and get around 15 cents back to use in the store. My plan is to collect as many mugs as possible by going to the markets with Erwin so I get double the mugs and don’t get absolutely slaughtered on Gluhwein in the middle of the day. One thing I don’t think I’ve seen in England before but they love here is Gluhwein with an extra shot of Schnapps in it, usually amaretto or rum. As you would think its a delicious but dangerous mix.

Lebkuchen and Stollen stall

Even though I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping I’ll still be returning to the markets as much as possible, mainly to stock up on my collection of Gluhwein mugs… Anyone who loves the Christmas markets in England I would highly recommend coming to Munich or another German city (Munich is best) and check one out. I volunteer as a tour guide for the low low price of a Gluhwein.

Finally I must do some shoutouts as I was told off from the other side of the world by my mother for not mentioning her last time. Shoutout to my wonderful mum for booking my flight home for Christmas and more importantly always being there to chat about Munich and boys and life in general. Even with us being 11,000 miles apart (woah thats far) we still manage to get a good few whatsapp convos in as I’m getting up and shes going to bed and vice versa. Also shoutout to Trin and Dad who are there in NZ with her having the time of their lives. Mini shoutout to Ted who’s also having the time of his life living in a house full of girls!

Southampton Sesh: Part 2


After our total KO me and Ely ended up sleeping in until about 1:30 and honestly I would have slept for longer if Ethan hadn’t woken us up. I swear every time I sleep in the same room as Ely I sleep for way longer than normal its so weird. At this point I think Ely just has a carbon monoxide canister hidden somewhere in his room and now I guess he brought it down to uni!

After our ridiculously long lie in we needed to have brunch and get out of the house before starting prinking again. Being the girl he is, Ely too about 2 hours to get ready and by that time me and Ethan were starving and ready to murder Ely. One good thing to come out of this was that Ely shaved off his poor excuse for a beard (sorry dude but just no). We eventually made it out and to the handmade burger co which we lowkey chose because Ely’s friend works there and can get us a discount. Correction: can get Ethan a whole meal for free! Even so the burgers were amazing and there’s a pic on my insta if ya want to give it a cheeky like (idgaf self promoting).

Once we got home it was back to prinking and onto another round of ring of fire. Sufficiently buzzed and minimal getting ready effort made, we set off for Oceana. I have to say I think I still prefer Switch but Oceana’s disco room was LIFE. I don’t know why people are being such grinches about the new liquid because that disco dance floor was cool af in Oceanas and that ones not brand new like the liquid one. Anyway we stayed in the disco room for basically all of the night and danced through some absolute bangers and cringed through some Christmas songs. By about 2am my whole body was aching and I was ready to be done but I was slightly revived by some classic sandwich dancing with the boys much to the horror of Elys friend (burger gal). In the end we left just as the dance floor was getting to the end of the slippy stage and into the sticky stage which I was thankful for. We ubered home like royalty riding off my au pair money lol. To top a fab night off me and Ely even got a cheeky girly chat in before bed!


We woke up on Sunday morning at a vaguely normal time which was a minor miracle for us and I started an intense game of packing tetris trying to fi 24 packets of crisps and 4 boxes of mince pies into my case while Ely moaned about his bruised butt. In the end I had to sacrifice the Worcester sauce crisps and hoped for the best with the rest. We ended up ordering Dominos for brunch and quite embarrassingly got it delivered even though the shop is literally 1 minute down the road. But thats just the lazy student/au pair lifestyle I love.

Eventually we dragged ourselves to the airport and said our goodbyes, even though we’ll see each other in just 3 weeks. I managed the grand heist of smuggling my haul through security easily and even got through the scanner without being groped by a security guard which is a first for me. Once I was in the departure lounge I realised that Southampton airport is RIDICULOUSLY SMALL (ironic capitals get me). The smallest W H Smiths ever, no wifi and not even a Mc Ds!! I wasn’t particularly looking forward to another turbulent flight with my hangover and the dominos/killer cocktail mixture that was sloshing about in my stomach.

All in all it was a fab weekend and I definitely think I’ll be visiting Southampton again, mainly to try the ‘worst club in Britain’ Jesters. I can’t believe we’ll all be back together in Fax in just 3 weeks, crazy that I’ve been here for 3 months now. I’m slightly torn for Christmas because I can’t wait to see my friends and family and be back in England for a while but then I don’t want to leave my host family here and I know I’m gonna miss Erwin like crazy. After Christmas I’m starting my new job with a German family still here in Munich so that’s gonna be a scary but fun adventure. Anyway I’m finishing up now because I need to serve up tea for me and the kids. Lol its weird saying adult things like that now…

Southampton Sesh: Memes and Dreams

The opening weekend of the real German Christmas markets in Munich and where am I? Southampton of course! I’m here visiting my English bae Ely FINALLY and having another dip into the English uni lifestyle. I feel like this title is definitely up there with my best ones, mainly thanks to Ely’s flatmate Lewis for the sub-title Memes and Dreams (I can’t even begin to explain their love for memes). Sticking to what is apparently my new theme, this blog will be a 2-parter because well because this is my blog and I know you cba reading a 3000 word blog all in one go. Anyway onto the blog!


My flight to Southampton was at 20:40 so I had the whole day to chill and pack so obviously I had a lie in and then a nap later and forgot about my packing until the last minute. I left the house with requests from the kids to bring back as many mince pies as the UK border force would allow and set off for the airport. I usually fly with easyjet but I guess the south is too good for that so I had to fly with flybe. Another thing the south is apparently too good for is properly sized planes. It was like flying in a fiat panda which as you can guess, was terrifying. I’m weirdly a big fan of turbulence as it makes the ride a bit more interesting and scares everyone else into being quiet. However this flight was the bumpiest one I’ve ever been on so admittedly it wasn’t as funny after 2 hours of constant battering. Eventually I landed (barely) and made it to passport control where the woman obviously saw me (a dungaree-clad very tired looking 14 year old) as a threat to national security and proceeded to question me on what I was doing in the country. I thought it best not to say ‘for the sesh’ so I went for ‘visiting a friend’ and made it through her rigorous questioning unscathed.

I then had an emotional reunion with my bae of baes Costa before meeting up with Ely. Of course I’m joking I only had Euros on me so I had an emotional reunion with Ely and I’m pretty sure he broke one of ribs in the process. We bussed back to Elys hall which turned out to be quite nice compared to the others I’ve seen (sorry Lanc lot) and I met 2 of Elys roommates Ethan and Lewis who were the loveliest pair and made me feel like part of the squad from the start. His other roommates I said a quick hello to including Alice who ate a clementine with chopsticks and apparently haunts Ely while he sleeps (don’t ask). After this revelation I was done for the day and got into bed which I appreciated a lot more once I saw Elys sad excuse for a bed on the floor.


I was rudely awoken on Friday morning by Elys ridiculously loud Trump alarm (why Ely why) and after much shuffling and clattering around he left for his lecture. I eventually got up a few hours later and was greeted by a bacon sandwich from Elys roommate Ethan (missed u bacon). I had a few hours living the true lazy student life catching up on im a celeb (scarlett to win) and stealing Elys stash of biscuits then I headed up to the campus to meet him for lunch. We ended up eating in the uni canteen which wasn’t that bad tbh and I finally got some curly fries after 3 months cold turkey.

After that it was time to brave the Christmas markets which I judged mercilessly. The beer wasn’t up to German standards (obvs) but the market was cute enough and Ethan and Elys pure delight at their alcoholic hot chocolates made up for it. Of course the next thing I had to see on my trip to England was the inside of a Sainsburys. My master plan for this trip to England was to smuggle back as much British food as possible. I can get most stuff like tea bags, cheddar cheese and squash from my host family but the crisp selection in German supermarkets is abysmal so I needed to bring back a Walkers stash. I ended up buying a 24 pack of crisps and 4 boxes of mince pies; one for Sarah my au pair friend, one for Erwin to try and immediately dislike so I can eat the rest and 2 boxes fro my host family. My British stash ready and drinks bought, we headed home for prinks.

We got back at about 6 which seemed a good time to start prinking (spoiler alert: bad idea). Me and Ethan discovered the god of all drinks which was Disaronno mixed with super cheap Sainsbury’s own fruit juice. It went down waaaay too easy and confirmed mine and Sarahs theory that you cant ever put too much Disaronno in a mixed drink. We had a few rounds of ring of fire to get us going, in which one of the group died after drinking half a pint of vodka in one go and I drunkenly admitted more than I should have to Ethan who I had known barely 24 hours… A good prinking sesh all in all.

After much deliberation we decided to go to Switch, mainly because there was some weird male stripping show on at Oceana and Ethan wasn’t ready to face his sexuality that night… lol. We had a brisk, drunken walk to the club with some of Elys flatmates and some people I don’t remember. During the walk Ely decided it would be a good idea to vault over a row of bollards which I was all for… until he did it backwards. Safe to say he was nearly impaled and was sore for the next few days. We made it to club, some of us in a better state than others, and danced basically for the whole night. Think I’ve said it so many times in these blogs but I miss English clubbing so much. Just the dancing and the music and the fact that everyone gets so into it. The music was so good in the club even for a Friday night and honestly it was a just treat to not have to listen to Euro-trash for one night. To top the night of I was carried home between Ely and Ethan (big shoutout to both of you for putting up with me) and we picked up a gross but amazing at the time takeaway. Once we made it home me and Ely were so tired we fell asleep straight away and couldn’t even manage our usual girly chat.

Part 2 with Saturday and Sunday will be up in the next few days or whenever I remember. Both my host parents are away this week so I’m with the kids all week this week…joy. I’ve also got to force a mince pie down Erwin and have a catch up with Sarah over a alcoholic hot chocolate.



Weekend in England: Part 2

Back to part 2… I feel like I should do a ‘previously on’ but you can literally just scroll down and read the last one so nahh. I enjoy writing this blog so much its just I’m having a rambling conversation with myself about my own life and then I publish it online. I’ve seen some other blogs recently and honestly its like reading the Goop of Halifax… not a glamorous title. Best Places to Eat in Halifax: hunched over a 20 box of nuggets in the bus station, some cold leftover chicken and chips in Dixies because you have 6p to your name. I’m sticking with my misadventures around Munich any day.


I was rudely forced from my bed too early on Saturday morning for my roadtrip to Liverpool passport office with mother. We got there 15 minutes early, mum with kindle in hand, expecting to be waiting ages and to have a classic slow and frustrating bureaucratic visit. Of course Mum was stopped at the pathetic ‘security’ gate and the scrap of chewing gum packet she had dared to leave in her pocket was seized. Once inside my appointment was called almost immediately and in disbelief I was quickly sorted out and told to pick my new passport up in 4 hours.

We wandered down the road in search of a place for breakfast and were graced by the sight of a Costa (yaaas). I ordered my usual caramel late (gotta keep my basic white girl cred up) and we settled down to decide what to do next. We finally decided on the maritime museum mainly because it was free but lowkey gotta love a good Titanic exhibit ;). 4 hours, 3 museums and a light lunch later we returned to the passport office where I was handed my fancy shiny new passport and sent on my way. Now was time to head for Lancaster!

The journey to Liverpool had been suspiciously easy and now the drive to Lancaster was the same. We should really have been grateful but its so weird to actually get somewhere on time in this country! Once I left Lancaster I left my maternal Laura and transferred over to my gal Laura. I had a fab tour through the campus and Laura’s rooms and I’ve got to say uni accommodation is way nicer than I expected. Well I thought that until we went round to James’… As usual James was lowkey a mess but highkey living. We prinked in James kitchen with some of his flatmates which was super fun but made me realise that I’m more affected by wine than I think I am.

Once sufficiently inebriated we made our way to Sugar, the local student club. I’ve discovered on my travels that clubs are called gross/ridiculous names in almost every country; I met Erwin in a place called Milchbar for Gods sake. Sugar was actually really good and tbh it was just so good to be back with English club dancing. The Germans just don’t understand bopping and gun fingers. I did manage to drunk message my poor boyf while in the club mainly just awkward ‘Ich liebe dich’s with some lovely Genglish scattered in which would make Mrs Howarth turn in her grave. Luckily he was just amused by this and told me we need to work on my sentence structure.


I awoke Sunday morning experiencing the bed spins to the max and feeling basically hungover af. This is mainly because I’ve literally only had beer and tequila on nights out for the last few months so downing a bottle of wine and returning to my arch nemesis jäger was a recipe for disaster. Laura, being the true vegan she is, suggested I had a bacon sandwich to recover, the thought of which just made me queasier. Eventually we managed to drag ourselves to the train station and I boarded my train home. I napped on and off between stops and made it to Manchester Victoria chob free #achievement. Of course my next train was 10 minutes late and when it arrived, looked like a tin can on wheels with some seats duct taped on. Even so my journey was improved significantly by the promise of a cooked breakfast waiting for me at home.

Once home I was greeted by a glorious cooked breakfast which I destroyed, not before taking a picture of it and sending to Erwin. He seemed to approve but was extremely confused by the concept of beans and tomato for breakfast. He cant really say anything tho Germans literally have cold salami, cheese and bread for their breakfast #grim.

After a short and useless nap I was out again, this time to visit my grandparents in their caravan (they’re not gypsies I promise). I had already completed most of my English bucket list of food but fish and chips was last on my list and the promise of a pub dinner made my dream a reality. I told Erwin I was going out for tea which caused much confusion as he thought I was going out just to drink tea. I said no but explained that that is also a thing we do and he just laughed and said that was ‘crazy but adorable’ which is how he reacts to most of the English things I tell him. We ended the night by watching possible the worst organised firework display I’ve ever witnessed. It would be really good for about 5 minutes but with vast breaks in between so you never really knew if it was over or not until someone dragged another load of rockets out of the pub. We enjoyed anyway and polished off some cheese and crackers in the caravan (English to the max).


Monday was my last day and I spent the morning just chilling around the house with my mum which was the perfect end because thats what I really miss the most about home. I said goodbye to Apollo, took a quick selfie with Brian the bearded dragon to show the kids and left home once again. Of course me and Mum cackled all the way to the airport and luckily didn’t hit much traffic. At the airport we said goodbye even though we know we’ll be chatting away on whatsapp within the hour. My flight was quite chill and I savoured my last Boots meal deal while listening in on a German family’s conversation.

It’s good to be ‘home’ now here in Munich and I do call it home even if its not home home. I’ve had my first beer since I’ve been back and I’m going to pop to the bakery after this to complete my re-immersion into German culture.